You never truly understand the value of service until you’ve experienced it

This is the culture we strive to create at MFW Trade Warehouse

It's the little things, our attention to detail

At MFW Trade Warehouse, we want to save you from time-wasting return trips, to make sure you have absolutely everything you need for the job. That time wasted could be better spent elsewhere, or with loved ones, so through actively engaging about your job(s) and assessing potential options, we strive to find ways to make work life easier for you.

Put simply, we pay attention.




From the very first day, we have worked hard to maintain a standard of service that makes our customers trust and believe in the way we do business. This has been instilled into our work ethic over the years, so when it comes to customer service, all of our staff are constant professionals.


Being a locally owned and independent wholesaler, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge in all aspects of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. Building our team over the years to incorporate as much expertise as possible, we’re constantly improving.


When you deal with MFW Trade Warehouse, you are dealing with someone who is working for you. Through extensive knowledge, experience and genuine care, we strive to provide the highest level of service to get you what you need each time. Visit us in store, and experience the difference that sets us apart from the rest.

What's ours is yours

We know it can be hard to find the time or comfortable space to take a break, do paperwork, or have important team meetings.

So while at our stores, you’ll have access to our self-serve drinks fridge and coffee facilities, access to our grassed deck area at Mitchell, as well as our lunch room area.

Need a space to train new team members? We even have a great training room available to hire with a projector and chairs that can fit up to 50 people.