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  • Back to Back Pipe Kits
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    FK104Fixings Kit$46.91
    MFW2303Pair Coil 1/4 x 3/8 3m - R410a$42.12
    MFW2305Pair Coil 1/4 x 3/8 5m - R410a$0.00
    MFW2403Pair Coil 1/4 x 1/2 3m - R410a$52.26
    MFW2405Pair Coil 1/4 x 1/2 5m - R410a$87.10
    MFW2503Pair Coil 1/4 x 5/8 3m - R410a$75.33
    MFW2505Pair Coil 1/4 x 5/8 5m - R410a$125.56
    MFW3503Pair Coil 3/8 x 5/8 3m - R410a$78.57
    MFW3505Pair Coil 3/8 x 5/8 5m - R410a$130.95
  • Ball Valve Hose CPS
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BVBall Valve 1/4m x 1/4f$59.03
    BV410Ball Valve 1/2unf R410a$59.03
    BV45Ball Valve 1/4m x 1/4f$59.03
    BV90Ball Valve 1/4saem x 1/4saef$59.03
    BVXHBall Valve Handle w R/B/Y Inserts$24.53
  • Ball Valve with Access
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    937203Ball Valve 3/8sol c/w Access Valve$66.48
    937204Ball Valve 1/2sol c/w Access Valve$68.72
    937205Ball Valve 5/8sol c/w Access Valve$69.71
    937306Ball Valve 3/4sol c/w Access Valve$89.90
    937307Ball Valve 7/8sol c/w Access Valve$99.33
    937409Ball Valve 1.1/8sol c/w Access Valve$141.17
    937511Ball Valve 1.3/8sol c/w Access Valve$205.83
    937613Ball Valve 1.5/8solder c/w Access Valve$276.46
    937617Ball Valve 2.1/8solder c/w Access Valve$460.49
    937825FPBall Valve 3.1/8solder c/w Access Valve$1,309.00
    RBV06CBall Valve 1/4sol c/w Access Valve$58.50
  • Batteries
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    EN522Battery 9V$10.83
    EN91Battery AA$2.53
    EN92Battery AAA$2.53
    EN93Battery C$6.27
    EN95Battery D$7.43
  • Bock Compressors R134a & R404a
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HAX5/830-4Bock Compressor Air Cooled$9,600.69
    HGX12P1104Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$2,483.05
    HGX12P604SBock Semi Hermetic Compressor$2,335.71
    HGX12P754Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$2,335.71
    HGX12P904Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$2,381.21
    HGX22E1254Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$3,332.40
    HGX22E1604Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$3,462.40
    HGX22E1904Bock Semi Hermetic Compressor$3,585.91
    HGX34E2154Bock Compressor$3,661.74
    HGX34E2554Bock Compressor$3,856.74
    HGX34E3154Bock Compressor$4,225.08
    HGX34E3804Bock Compressor$4,766.76
    HGX44654Bock Compressor$6,495.80
    HGX45554Bock Compressor$6,825.14
    HGX46504Bock Compressor$7,041.81
    HGX57254Bock Compressor$8,016.83
    HGX58304Bock Compressor$9,600.69
    HGX59454Bock Compressor$8,450.17
    HGX610804Bock Compressor$9,880.20
    HGX612404Bock Compressor$10,075.20
    HGX614104Bock Compressor$12,133.58
    HGX716204Bock Compressor$14,733.63
    HGX718604Bock Compressor$15,383.64
    HGX721104Bock Compressor$16,033.65
  • Bracket Roof
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    B6388XTRA Roof Bracket 150kg$177.35
    B6389XTRA Roof Bracket Stainless Steel 150kg$177.35
    EJPRB80Bracket Assy Roof Mount 80kg$177.35
    IRB380151Bracket Assy Roof Mount 150kg$234.97
  • Bracket Wall
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    B6381XTRA Wall Bracket 450mm 160kg$60.67
    B6382XTRA Wall Bracket 550mm 150kg$70.00
    B6386XTRA Wall Bracket S/S 450mm 160kg$60.67
    B6387XTRA Wall Bracket S/S 550mm 220kg$105.00
    BB600Bracket Assy Wall Mount 500mm 150kg$65.85
    EJP60Bracket Assy Wall Mount 60kg$83.35
    EJP80Bracket Assy Wall Mount 80kg$108.35
    ICB600Bracket Cantilever 600mm - 200kg$56.67
    INDA-SSB460CVBracket Wall Stainless Steel$87.80
    IRB380Bracket Roof 380mm - 80kg$194.78
    IWB480Bracket Wall 480mm - 180kg$75.83
    IWB540Bracket Wall 540mm$75.83
    IWB600Bracket Wall 600mm - 200kg$87.50
    ME150Bracket Assy Wall Mount 150kg$139.00
  • Bracket Wall - Cantilever
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CB450Cantilever Bracket 450 C/W Fixings (Set)$74.74
    CB600Cantilever Bracket 600 C/W Fixings (Set)$93.31
    CB750Cantilever Bracket 750 C/W Fixings (Set)$112.59
    J2701Braced Cantilever Bracket 450mm$25.50
    J2702Braced Cantilever Bracket 600mm$27.85
    J2703Braced Cantilever Bracket 780mm$32.85
  • Braemar LCQ Paradigm
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    LCQ250-BEIGEBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1520L/s$2,539.51
    LCQ250-GREYBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1520L/s$2,539.51
    LCQ250-H/GREENBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1520L/s$2,539.51
    LCQ250-RTERRACOTTABraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1520L/s$2,539.51
    LCQ350-BEIGEBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1980L/s$2,909.58
    LCQ350-GREYBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1980L/s$2,909.58
    LCQ350-H/GREENBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1980L/s$2,909.58
    LCQ350-RTERRACOTTABraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 1980L/s$2,909.58
    LCQ450-BEIGEBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2560L/s$3,197.64
    LCQ450-GREYBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2560L/s$3,197.64
    LCQ450-H/GREENBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2560L/s$3,197.64
    LCQ450-RTERRACOTTABraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2560L/s$3,197.64
    LCQ550-BEIGEBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2810L/s$3,433.69
    LCQ550-GREYBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2810L/s$3,433.69
    LCQ550-H/GREENBraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2810L/s$3,433.69
    LCQ550-RTERRACOTTABraemar LCQ Paradigm Evap Cooler 2810L/s$3,433.69
  • Brass Elbow Various
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    300-0606Elbow BR 3/8m x 13/8m (OS)$20.76
    300-0808Elbow BR 1/2m x 1/2m (OS)$27.25
    302-0404Elbow BR 1/4msae x 1/4 mbsp$41.17
    304-1006Elbow BR 5/8MSAE x 3/8MBSP$25.89
  • Brass Flare Nut Frost Proof
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    502-0404Flare Nut FP 1/4 x 1/4$6.14
    502-0606Flare Nut FP 3/8 x 3/8$7.33
    502-0808Flare Nut FP 1/2 x 1/2$8.85
    502-1010Flare Nut FP 5/8 x 5/8$15.31
    502-1212Flare Nut FP 3/4 x 3/4$23.32
  • Brass Flare Nut Short Barrel
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    501-0303Flare Nut SB 3/16$3.88
    501-0404Flare Nut SB 1/4$4.08
    501-0504Flare Nut SB 5/16 FSAE x 1/4$5.31
    501-0505Flare Nut 5/16 x 5/16 tube$0.00
    501-0606Flare Nut SB 3/8$5.10
    501-0808Flare Nut SB 1/2$6.14
    501-1010Flare Nut SB 5/8$9.70
    501-1212Flare Nut SB 3/4$14.80
  • Brass Flare Nut Short Barrel Reducing
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    501-0604Flare Nut SB 3/8 x 1/4$8.35
    501-0806Flare Nut SB 1/2 x 3/8$8.35
  • Brass Seal Cap
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    75-04Seal Cap 1/4$3.23
    75-06Seal Cap 3/8 (OS)$8.00
    75-08Seal Cap 1/2$10.90
    75-10Seal Cap 5/8$19.92
    75-12Seal Cap 3/4$28.78
  • Brass Seal Plug
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    70-04Seal Plug 1/4$10.09
    70-06Seal Plug 3/8$10.94
    70-08Seal Plug 1/2$8.00
    70-10Seal Plug 5/8$14.99
    70-12Seal Plug 3/4$19.07
  • Brass Swivel Connector
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    95-04Swivel Connector 1/4f x 1/4f$16.18
    95-06Swivel Connector 3/8f x 3/8f$17.03
    95-08Swivel Connector 1/2f x 1/2f$21.11
    95-10Swivel Connector 5/8f x 5/8f$24.00
    95-12Swivel Connector 3/4f x 3/4f$54.15
  • Brass Tee Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    400-040404Tee BR 1/4m x 1/4m x 1/4m$18.40
    400-050505Tee BR 5/16m x 5/16m x 5/16m$0.00
    400-060606Tee BR 3/8m x 3/8m x 3/8m$22.30
    400-080806Tee BR 1/2m x 1/2m x 3/8m$31.50
    400-080808Tee BR 1/2m x 1/2m x 1/2m$29.28
    400-101010Tee BR 5/8m x 5/8m x 5/8m$45.64
    400-121212Tee BR 3/4m x 3/4m x 3/4m$45.64
  • Brass Tee Various
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    401-040402Tee BR 1/4m x 1/4m x 1/8m (OS)$32.18
    408-040404Tee BR 1/4m x 1/4m x 1/4f$39.85
    409-040404Tee BR 1/4m x 1/4m x 1/4f (OS)$78.32
  • Brass Union bsp Bush
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    217-0604Union BR 3/8bsp x 1/4bsp$20.43
  • Brass Union bsp Nipple
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    211-0202Nipple BR 1/8mbsp x 1/8mbsp$8.40
    211-0402Nipple BR 1/4mbsp x 1/8mbsp$9.52
    211-0404Nipple BR 1/4mbsp x 1/4mbsp$13.95
    211-0604Nipple BR 3/8mbsp x 1/4mbsp$18.23
    211-0606Nipple BR 3/8mbsp x 3/8mbsp$14.56
    211-0806Nipple BR 1/2mbsp x 3/8mbsp$21.88
    211-0808Nipple BR 1/2mbsp x 1/2mbsp$21.28
    211-1212Nipple BR 3/4mbsp x 3/4mbsp$35.67
    211-1612Nipple BR 1mbsp x 3/4mbsp$69.55
  • Brass Union Flare to BSP
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    20-1010Union BR 5/8m x 5/8m$30.82
    201-0402Union BR 1/4msae x 1/8mbsp$8.37
    201-0404Union BR 1/4msae x 1/4mbsp$9.70
    201-0406Union BR 1/4msae x 3/8mbsp$11.23
    201-0408Union BR 1/4msae x 1/2mbsp$22.26
    201-0412Union BR 1/4msae x 3/4mbsp$57.58
    201-0602Union BR 3/8msae x 1/8mbsp$12.43
    201-0604Union BR 3/8msae x 1/4mbsp$10.38
    201-0606Union BR 3/8msae x 3/8mbsp$12.76
    201-0608Union BR 3/8msae x 1/2mbsp$15.85
    201-0612Union BR 3/8msae x 3/4mbsp$19.53
    201-0804Union BR 1/2msae x 1/4mbsp$19.67
    201-0808Union BR 1/2msae x 1/2mbsp$13.28
    201-0812Union BR 1/2msae x 3/4mbsp$41.30
    201-1008Union BR 5/8msae x 1/2mbsp$21.62
    201-1212Union BR 3/4msae x 3/4mbsp$12.76
    206-0402Union BR 1/4msae x 3/8fbsp$10.90
    206-0404Union BR 1/4msae x 1/4fbsp$11.23
    206-0408Union BR 1/4msae x 1/2fbsp$47.88
    206-0504Union BR 5/16msae x 1/4fbsp$50.33
    206-0606Union BR 3/8msae x 3/8fbsp$27.93
    206-0806Union BR 1/2msae x 3/8fbsp$36.19
    206-1008Union BR 5/8msae x 1/2fbsp$48.37
    209-0808Thread Converter BR 1/2MNPT x 1/2FBSP$31.66
    214-0404Union BR 1/4mbsp x 1/4fsae$21.96
    56-0402Union BR 1/4schr x 1/8mbsp$9.37
    56-0404Union BR 1/4schr x 1/4mbsp$9.37
  • Brass Union Reducing Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    200-0404Union BR 1/4msae x 1/4msae$5.80
    200-0406Union BR 1/4msae x 3/8msae$5.51
    200-0504Union BR 5/16msae x 1/4msae$15.65
    200-0604Union BR 3/8msae x 1/4msae$13.10
    200-0606Union BR 3/8msae x 3/8msae$11.23
    200-0804Union BR 1/2msae x 1/4msae$28.49
    200-0806Union BR 1/2msae x 3/8msae$17.37
    200-0808Union BR 1/2msae x 1/2msae$26.06
    200-1006Union BR 5/8msae x 3/8msae$38.85
    200-1010Union BR 5/8msae x 5/8msae$28.81
    200-1210Union BR 3/4msae x 5/8msae$41.38
    200-1212Union BR 3/4msae x 3/4msae$27.58
    205-0405Union BR 1/4msae x 5/16fsae$26.04
    205-0406Union BR 1/4msae x 3/8fsae$19.67
    205-0408Union BR 1/4msae x 1/2fsae$23.77
    205-0410Union BR 1/4msae x 5/8fsae$56.49
    205-0504Union BR 5/16msae x 1/4fsae$18.10
    205-0604Union BR 3/8msae x 1/4fsae$11.40
    205-0608Union BR 3/8msae x 1/2fsae$16.51
    205-0610Union BR 3/8msae x 5/8fsae$28.27
    205-0806Union BR 1/2msae x 3/8fsae$20.72
    205-0810Union BR 1/2msae x 5/8fsae$23.32
    205-1006Union BR 5/8msae x 3/8fsae$28.95
    205-1210Union BR 3/4msae x 5/8fsae$0.00
    206-0406Union BR 1/4msae x 3/8fbsp$15.85
    206-0604Union BR 3/8msae x 1/4fbsp$17.55
    216-0402Union BR 1/4mbsp x 1/8fbsp$0.00
    216-0406Union BR 1/4mbsp x 3/8fbsp$37.79
    216-0408Union BR 1/4mbsp x 1/2fbsp$32.75
    216-0602Union BR 3/8mbsp x 1/8fbsp$0.00
    216-0604Union BR 1/4mbsp x 1/4fbsp$20.43
    216-0608Union BR 3/8mbsp x 1/2fbsp$36.94
    216-0804Union BR 1/2mbsp x 1/4fbsp$0.00
    216-0806Union BR 1/2mbsp x 3/8fbsp$21.28
    216-1208Union BR 3/4mbsp x 1/2fbsp$0.00
    216-1608Union BR 1mbsp x 1/2fbsp$0.00
    216-1612Union BR 1mbsp x 3/4fbsp$0.00

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