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  • Tapes
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    288EFR-BLACKNitto Elect Tape - Black 20mtr$2.67
    288EFR-BLUENitto Elect Tape - Blue 20mtr$2.67
    288EFR-GREEN/YELLOWNitto Elect Tape - Green/Yellow 20mtr$2.67
    288EFR-RAINBOWNitto Elect Tape - Rainbow Multi Pack$26.67
    288EFR-REDNitto Elect Tape - Red 20mtr$2.67
    288EFR-WHITENitto Elect Tape - White 20mtr$2.67
    7170381Teflon Tape Yellow T/Seal$4.20
    DCTBTape Duct - Black/Grey$7.00
    DUCTBLKDuct Tape Black 0.13mm x 48mm x 30m$7.00
    DUCTTAPDuct Tape Grey 0.13mm x 48mm x 30m$7.00
    DUCTWHTDuct Tape White 0.13mm x 48mm x 30m$7.00
    NIT201BElect. Tape Black 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    NIT201BLElect. Tape Blue 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    NIT201GYElect. Tape Green/Yello 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    NIT201RElect. Tape Red 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    NIT201RBOWElect. Tape Rainbow 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    NIT201WElect. Tape White 0.15mmx18mmx20m$3.07
    TPC83053535mm Adhesive Foam Tape$16.90
    VT1521CWF242Tape Foil Plain 75mm x 50mtr$20.55
    VT1521CWH745Tape Foil Plain 50mm x 50mtr$13.45
    VT1529CWF596Tape Foil Reinforced 75mm x 50mtr$45.00
    VT1529CWH141Tape Foil Reinforced 48mm x 50mtr$17.45
    VT1599BJ940Tape Duct Fire Rated$5.45
    VT616WBLW742Tape Polyfoam Mounting$24.60
  • Temperature Control Ranco
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    0166950Controller Temp -35/-7c$130.35
    0166951Controller Temp -18/13c$160.90
  • Testo Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05900001Testo Magnetic Hanger$99.68
    05900002Testo Thermocouple Adapter Type K$70.00
    05900003Testo Clamp Meter Adapter$275.00
    05900016Testo Carrying Case 760$70.00
    05907703Testo 770-3 Testo Metre Clamp$0.00
  • Testo Multimeters
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05907603Testo 760-3 True-rms Multimeter$548.34
  • Testo Thermal Imaging
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05168700TESTO Professional Case for Testo 869$436.68
    05608690TESTO 869 Thermal Imaging Camera$2,083.38
    05608702TESTO 870-2 Entry Level Thermal Imager$3,775.08
    0563087501Testo 875-1i Thermal Imaging System$6,916.81
  • Thermometer Dial
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    F87R100Thermometer Dial 100mm -40/+40c 3m cap$81.70
  • Thermostat Covers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    PG12Thermostat Guard Lockable api$89.00
    PG6Thermostat Guard Lockable api$89.00
    PG9Thermostat Guard Lockable api$89.00
  • Thermostat Danfoss
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    077B6138SPThermostat Display Cabinet Cyc Defrost$68.35
    077B7001Thermostat No 1$40.70
    077B7003Thermostat No 3$53.93
    077B7004Thermostat No 4$70.97
    077B7005Thermostat No 5$31.63
    077B7006Thermostat No 6$37.60
    077B7007Thermostat No 7$35.70
    077B7008Thermostat No 8$30.07
  • Thermostat Heldon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    4000-01Thermostat Refrigerator Single Door HTC1$23.19
    4000-03Thermostat Freezer I/C Cabinet HTF3$23.19
    4000-05Thermostat Freezer Stand Signal HTS5$30.92
    4000-06Thermostat Freezer Rev Signal HTR6$43.80
    4000-07Thermostat Bottle/Beverage Cooler HTB7$23.19
    4000-08Window Air Thermostat$35.60
    4000-09Thermostat Refn 2door Cycle Defrost HTT9$23.19
    4000-12Thermostsat Beverage Cooler$30.92
  • Thermostat Klixon Type
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    KLIXON10AThermostat 2 Wire Safety 10A (1-2 Fan)$100.95
    KLIXON25AThermostat 2 Wire Safety 25A (3+ Fan)$100.95
    R53000001Thermostat 3 Wire Fan Delay$337.91
    R53000002Thermostat 2 Wire Safety$100.95
    R53000016Two Wire Heater Safety Thermostat$137.72
    T3BSafety Stat 2wire 68c 15amp + T3 Bracket$140.60
  • Thermostat Ranco
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    K50P1110Thermostat Single Door$35.00
    O16-6981Ranco Thermostat -5 to +25 cap tube 2m$129.91
    VB-7Thermostat HT12 suit Commerical B6139$36.20
    VC-1Thermostat Single Door$36.20
    VP-4Thermostat Push Button Defrost$36.20
    VT-9Thermostat 2door$36.20
    VW-8Thermostat Cool only Air Conditioning$62.88
  • Thermostats Honeywell
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    C7089URemote Sensor Outdoor suit Focus 8000$123.92
    C7189URemote Sensor Indoor suit Focus 8000$139.47
    R46111G2010Interface Model Use 24V T/Stats 240V$264.01
    T4360G1006240V Thermostat 16A On/Off Sw$105.31
    T6360D1008240V Thermostat 10A On/Off Sw$112.78
    T6360E1005240V Thermostat Heatpump 1H/1C On/Off$126.27
    T6374C1012Thermostat Fan Coil 4 Pipe Heat/Cool$263.85
    T6376B1004240V Thermostat Heatpump Heat/Off/Cool$224.78
    TH5110D1022U24V Digital Non Prog Thermostat 1H/1C$186.40
    TH6110D1021U24V Digital 5-1-1 Prog Thermostat 1H/1C$270.59
    TH8320U1008U24V Digital 3H/2C Prog Thermostat$545.74
  • Thermostats Johnson
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    A19ABC-27Thermostat 38/116c D3/13c SPDT HW Temp$461.98
    A19ABC-41Thermostat -34/38c SPDT D1.7/6.7c 8$148.54
    A25CN-4Thermostat -4/102c Man Reset SPDT Hi L$271.91
    A28AA65Thermostat -34/38c 8amp$471.47
  • Timer Electronic
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ALPHADTimer Electric 24hr 240v 16amp$107.85
    THE64BTimer 24hour Theben$112.55
  • Tools Access Fittings
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    16CCoupler Straight Kwik$98.35
    17CCoupler Elbow 90o$98.35
    26CCoupler Straight 45o 5/16fem x 5/16male$124.95
    27CCoupler Straight Kwik$124.95
    A33000SControl Valve 1/4$97.47
    A44000Control Valve R410a 5/16 x 5/16$97.47
    A44000SGSKTController Valve Gasket$4.67
    ABAnti-Blowback Fitting 1/4$37.83
    AB410Anti-Blowback Fitting 1/2-20 R410a$37.83
    C1102993Connector Blue TW111 1/4fl$200.00
    C130291Connector Red Hi Pressure 5/16fl$267.00
    E50-051S720Seals for C115342$25.05
    E50-73165Seal for Connector$25.05
    QC134AQCH134 High Port Ext R134a Coupler$87.72
    QCH134Coupler Hi Side R134a$69.93
    QCH14Coupler Automotive High$73.13
    QCL134Coupler Lo Side R134a$75.43
    QCL14Coupler Automotive Low$73.13
    QCXR34Coupler O Rings 10pak R134a$42.50
    Y19121QC 5/16 fem -1/4 male$39.10
  • Tools Allen Key
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    TLSWBWrench Ball End Set 5/64-1/4$34.97
    TLSWHWrench Hex Set 5/64-1/4$34.97
    TLSWHMWrench Hex Set 1.5mm - 8mm$34.97
  • Tools Bits Phillips & Kits
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10501817Drill Masonry Rotary 5.0x90 Impact$5.92
    10501818Drill Masonry Rotary 5.0x160 Impact$8.58
    10501819Drill Masonry Rotary 5.5x95 Impact$6.66
    10501820Drill Masonry Rotary 5.5x160 Impact$8.91
    10501822Drill Masonry Rotary 6.0x160 Impact$9.25
    10501824Drill Masonry Rotary 6.0x400 Impact$28.34
    10501847Drill Masonry Rotary 10.0x160 Impact$16.00
    10501850Drill Masonry Rotary 10.0x400 Impact$33.75
    10501855Drill Masonry Rotary 12.0x330 Impact$38.00
    10501862Drill Masonry Rotary 14.0x160 Impact$24.25
    10501893Drill Masonry Rotary 7pc set$62.26
    1837398Bit Impact Insert Torx No10 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837400Bit Impact Insert Torx No15 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837402Bit Impact Insert Torx No20 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837404Bit Impact Insert Torx No25 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837408Bit Impact Insert Torx No27 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837410Bit Impact Insert Torx No30 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837412Bit Impact Insert Torx No40 25mm 1pc$6.08
    1837414Bit Impact TR 25mm Set 6pc$13.42
    1837437Bit Impact Power PH No1 75mm 1pc$3.42
    1837439Bit Impact Power PH No1 100mm 1pc$4.17
    1837451Bit Impact Power PH No1 150mm 1pc$5.50
    1837462Bit Impact Power PH No3 75mm 1pc$3.42
    1837464Bit Impact Power PH No3 100mm 1pc$4.17
    1837466Bit Impact Power PH No3 150mm 1pc$5.50
    1837470Bit Impact Power SQ No1 75mm 1pc$3.42
    1837472Bit Impact Power SQ No1 100mm 1pc$4.17
    1837474Bit Impact Power SQ No1 150mm 1pc$5.50
    1837487Bit Impact Power SQ No3 75mm 1pc$3.42
    1837489Bit Impact Power SQ No3 100mm 1pc$4.17
    1837491Bit Impact Power SQ No3 150mm 1pc$5.50
    1837493Bit Impact Power Torx No15-25 50mm 3pc$9.92
    1837545Bit Impact Nutsetter 1/4 65mm 1pc$10.83
    1837547Bit Impact Nutsetter 5/16 65mm 1pc$11.58
    1837550Bit Impact Nutsetter 3/8 65mm 1pc$12.08
    1837562Bit Impact Nutsetter 1/4 152mm 1pc$28.75
    1837564Bit Impact Nutsetter 5/16 152mm 1pc$29.58
    1837566Bit Impact Nutsetter 3/8 152mm 1pc$30.58
    1837569Bit Impact Nutsetter 5/16 304mm 1pc$29.58
    1837571Bit Impact Socket Adapter 1/4 50mm 1pc$5.17
    1837572Bit Impact Socket Adapter 3/8 50mm 1pc$5.25
    1837573Bit Impact Socket Adapter 1/2 50mm 1pc$5.33
    18375771/4 Bit Holder x 57mm$7.05
    1837579Bit Impact Holder w/ C-Ring 76mm$14.25
    1869513Impact Adaptor 1/2 SQ to 1/4 QC Hex$31.17
    1869514Impact KLess Chuck 1/4 in QC$0.00
    1869516Impact 1/4 QC Extension 150mm OAL$33.50
    1869517Impact 1/4 QC Extension 305mm OAL$42.25
    1869518Impact 1/4 QC Extension 457mm OAL$51.67
    1870983Impact Dbl End Bit No2 PH/No2 PHx60mm 2p$7.33
    1870986Impact Dbl End Bit No2 SQ/No2 SQx60mm 2p$7.33
    1871068Bit Impact Dbl End No 2PH/2PH$6.25
    1871071Bit Impact Dbl End No 2SQ/2SQ$6.25
    1871082Bit Impact Dbl End No 2PH/2PH$8.92
    1871085Bit Impact Dbl End No 2SQ/2SQ$8.92
    1882352Impact Dbl End Bit 3pc Set PH$9.58
    1882353Impact Dbl End Bit 3pc Set SQ$9.58
    1892093Impact Dbl End Bit Torx Assort$11.33
    1902386Impact Right Angle Drill Drive Tool$58.33
    1903524Impact Power Bit Magnetic Attachment$3.83
    3041011ME2Spade Bit Set Speedbor Blue Groove 13pc$81.00
    3052001Phillips Bit Torsion PH #1 49mm 2pk$4.35
    3052002Phillips Bit Torsion PH #2 49mm 2pk$4.35
    3052003Phillips Bit Torsion PH #3 49mm 2pk$4.35
    3053001Phillips Bit Torsion PH #1 25mm 2pk$3.25
    3053002Phillips Bit Torsion PH #2 25mm 2pk$3.25
    3053003Phillips Bit Torsion PH #1 25mm 20pc P/P$27.50
    3053004Phillips Bit Torsion PH #3 25mm 2pk$3.25
    3057015AUScrewdriver Bit 24pc Case Set$44.20
    3057023Phillips Bit Torsion 6pc Set$18.35
    3547121CNutsetter 1/4 47mm$7.10
    3547321CNutsetter 5/16 47mm$7.35
    3547521CNutsetter 3/8 47mm$7.50
    3555511CScrew Guide 1/4 76-120mm$7.00
    3555531CScrew Guide 1/4 120-187mm$8.20
    394100Power Grip 7pc Set$112.75
    9097236Bit Impact Hex 5mm Carded 10pk$20.33
    9097279Bit Impact Insert PH No1 25mm 2pk$3.92
    9097280Bit Impact Insert PH No2 25mm 2pk$3.92
    9097282Bit Impact Insert PH No3 25mm 2pk$3.92
    9097283Pro Pak 20 piece PH2 x 25mm$18.15
    9097285Bit Impact Insert SQ No2 25mm 2pk$3.92
    9097287Bit Impact Power PH No3 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097288Bit Impact Power PH No1 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097289Bit Impact Power PH No2 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097290Bit Impact Power PH No2 75mm 1pc$3.42
    9097291Bit Impact Power PH No2 100mm 1pc$4.17
    9097292Bit Impact Power PH No2 150mm 1pc$5.50
    9097293Bit Impact Power SQ No2 75mm 1pc$3.42
    9097294Bit Impact Power SQ No2 100mm 1pc$4.17
    9097295Bit Impact Power SQ No2 150mm 1pc$5.50
    9097296Bit Impact Power SQ No1 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097297Bit Impact Power SQ No2 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097298Bit Impact Power SQ No3 50mm 2pk$4.75
    9097299Bit Impact Drive Guide Set 6pc$22.75
    9097300Bit Impact Drive Guide Set 14pc$31.00
    9097317Bit Impact Hex 5mm Carded 1pc$2.75
    9097325Bit Impact Hex 5mm Carded 5pk$12.83
    9097326Bit Impact Hex 5mm Carded 10pk$0.00
    9097679Impact DBL End Bit Hex5/Hex5x60mm 2pk$7.33
    9097681Impact Dbl End Bit No2 SQ/Hex5mmx60mm 2p$7.33
    BRT25ME3Drill Bit Set Hi Speed Steel (25)$178.18
    JDRILL018Drill Bit 1/8 Std$3.20
    JDRILL018DBLDrill Bit 1/8 dbl End$2.55
    JPDE65X045Bit Phil dbl End Insert 6.5x45$2.70
    JPDE65X100Bit Phil dbl End Insert 6.5x100$5.35
    JPDE65X150Bit Phil dbl End Insert 6.5x150$9.20
    JTBIT1/4SBit Tech Short 1/4$7.00
    JTBIT3/8SBit Tech Short 3/8$14.00
    JTBIT5/16SBit Tech Short 5/16$13.85
    TIN25ME3Drill Bit Set Titanium (25)$222.72
  • Tools Carry Cases
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    LCVeto Tool Bag$308.34
    LTTool Bag Large Laptop$630.01
    MBTool Bag HVAC Test Meter$115.00
    MB2Tool Bag HVAC Test Meter$176.32
    MCTool Bag Medium$375.00
    MXCCase Carrying Manifold Plastic$65.57
    OLCLarge Closed Top Tool Bad$330.00
    OTLCTool Bag Large Open Top$400.00
    OTXLExtra Large Open Top Tool Bag$475.00
    OTXXLXX Large Open Top Tool Bag$650.00
    OXLExtra Large Closed Top Tool Bag$375.00
    PB4Veto Part Bags set 4$109.00
    TECHLCTool Bag HVAC Tech Large$375.00
    TECHMCTTech Bag MC Tall$379.18
    TECHOTMCVeto Tech Open Top - Med$330.00
    TECHPACTool Bag Backpack VETO PRO PAC$520.00
    TECHPACLTLaptop Tool Bag - Backpack style$510.89
    TECHXLTool Bag HVAC Tech X Large$440.00
    TP3Tool Bag HVAC 3pkt$115.00
    TP4Tool Bag HVAC 4pkt$140.00
    XLTool Bag Extra Large Closed Top$415.00
    XLTTool Bag Extra Large Laptop$595.00
    XXLFExtra Large Carpenters Tool Bag$480.00
  • Tools Deburring
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BTLDB3Deburring Tool$32.06
    TLDBXBlade Replacement for TLDB$15.77
    TLRMReamer Tool$35.73
    Y60166Deburring Tool for 60146$31.50
  • Tools Electrical Screwdriver Each
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ACTEST2AC Test Screwdriver 3.5 x 190mm$0.00
    WERA006105Screwdriver 0.5 x 3.0 x 100$22.20
    WERA006116Screwdriver 0.8 x 4.0 x 150$30.58
    WERA006121Screwdriver 1.0 x 5.5 x 200$35.70
    WERA006126Screwdriver 1.2 x 6.5 x 200$49.00
    WERA006150Screwdriver 0 x 80$24.45
    WERA006152Screwdriver PH1 x 80mm$30.58
    WERA006154Screwdriver PH2 x 100mm$58.20
    WERA006156Screwdriver 3 x 150$47.35
    WERA018268Screwdriver 1.6 x 9.0 x 150$57.20
    WERA018272Screwdriver 2.0 x 12.0 x 2000$91.90
  • Tools Electrical Screwdriver Set
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HVSDK6Screwdriver Kit 8 Piece$55.28
    WERA0227283160 i/7 Screwdriver Set PLUS Rack$183.34
    WERA031575Screwdriver 7 Set Kraft VDE + Tester$104.45
    WERA135961160IS VDE Slim 7 Screwdriver Set$146.67
    WERA321000Slimline 5 Screwdriver Box Set$137.38
  • Tools Expanders
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BTLDTWTorque Wrench Blackmax$325.00
    BTLE9Expander Kit 1/4 to 1.1/8$836.20
    BTLEX1BTLE Expander Head 1$152.63
    BTLEX118BTLE Expander Head 1 1/8$152.63
    BTLEX118BBTLE Expander Blade 1 1/8 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX12BTLE Expander Head 1/2$167.87
    BTLEX12BBTLE Expander Blade 1/2 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX14BTLE Expander Head 1/4$167.87
    BTLEX14BBTLE Expander Blade 1/4 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX1BBTLE Expander Blade 1 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX34BTLE Expander Head 3/4$167.87
    BTLEX34BBTLE Expander Blade 3/4 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX38BTLE Expander Head 3/8$167.87
    BTLEX38BBTLE Expander Blade 3/8 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX516BTLE Expander Head 5/16$152.63
    BTLEX516BBTLE Expander Blade 5/16 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX58BTLE Expander Head 5/8$167.87
    BTLEX58BBTLE Expander Blade 5/8 6pk$25.00
    BTLEX78BTLE Expander Head 7/8$167.87
    BTLEX78BBTLE Expander Blade 7/8 6pk$25.00
    BTLEXHBTLE Tube Expander Handle$375.78
    BTLH5EBlackMax Hydraulic Tube Expander 5hds$966.69
    TLE6Expander Kit 3/8 to 1.1/8$809.10
    TLH06Expander Head only 3/8$139.88
    TLH08Expander Head only 1/2$139.88
    TLH10Expander Head only 5/8$139.88
    TLH12Expander Head Only 3/4$139.88
    TLH14Expander Head only 7/8$139.88
    TLH16Expander Head only 1 inch$139.88
    TLH18Expander Head only 1.1/8$153.67
    TLH22Expander Head only 1.3/8$174.85
    TLH26Expander Head only 1.5/8$192.34
  • Tools Fieldpiece Guide
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HG2Meter Field Guide w ATH4$758.35
  • Tools Fin Comb Set
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    FCRH6High Efficiency Fin Comb Ring$48.33
    TLFC1Fin Comp Universal Metal$22.62
    TLFC2Fin Comb w Large Handle$27.11
    TLFC6Fin Comb Universal 6 Sided$36.13
  • Tools Flaring
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    800FNFlaring Tool R410a 1/4-3/4$521.34
    900FNBBK Quick Handle Ratchet F$521.34
    BFT850Black Max Light Weight R410 Flaring Tool$466.03
    BFT850DFlaring Tool R410a w Ratchet & Case$566.68
    BFT850KITBlackmax Flaring Kit with Cutter & Debur$0.00
    FS275Flaring & Swaging Tool 45o$204.57
  • Tools Fluke
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    FLU116Multimeter 600V Tmeter Backlight$812.02
    FLU116/323HVAC Combo Kit$1,227.69
    FLU117Multimeter 600V True-RMS 10A Backlight$717.76
    FLU117/323Multimeter Combo Kit$1,044.02
    FLU233Multimeter Remote Display$1,325.00
    FLU325Clamp Meter 400A AC/DC 600V$647.68
    FLU80AKThermocouple Adaptor$89.86
    FLU80BKIntegrated DMM Probe$141.14
    FLU80PK1Bead Probe for 50 series K Type$100.54
    FLU80PK11Probe Temperature K Type Velcro$145.00
    FLU80PK26Probe Tapered$400.21
    FLU902Current Clamp Tester HVAC$1,111.69
    FLUC115Soft Carrying Case 22.9cm x 17.8cm x 5.1$108.54
    FLUC33Soft Carrying Case suit 330 Series Fluke$106.59
    FLULVD2Volt Light AC Voltage Detector Pen Torch$130.50
    FLUT5600Tester 600V Voltage Continuity & Current$464.01
    FLUTL175Test Lead Set Twistguard 4-19mm Exposure$106.34
    FLUTL71Test Lead Set Premium$106.34
    FLUTL80ABasic Electronic Test Lead Set Premium$0.00
    FLUTP1Test Probes Flat Blade 1 Red, 1 Black$65.74
    FLUTPAKMagnetic Hanger Suit 110,170,180,280,70,$159.51
    REPVSVolt Alert 90 to 1000V AC$96.67
  • Tools Hole Saw Kits
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    TTTGSETTungsten Grit Set$308.35
  • Tools Hole Saws
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    1771954Speed Slot Bi-M HS 25mm - 1IN$39.42
    1771960Speed Slot Bi-M HS 32mm - 1 1/4IN$39.42
    1771962Speed Slot Bi-M HS 20mm - 25/32IN$35.00
    1771970Speed Slot Bi-M HS 51 - 2IN$43.83
    1771987Speed Slot Bi-M HS 64mm - 2 1/2 IN$54.83
    1772003Speed Slot Bi-M HS 54mm - 2 1/8IN$48.17
    1772012Speed Slot Bi-M HS 89mm - 3 1/2IN$67.92
    1772013Speed Slot Bi-M HS 92mm - 3 5/8IN$70.08
    1772014Speed Slot Bi-M HS 102mm - 4IN$81.00
    1772021Speed Slot Bi-M HS 76mm - 3IN$54.83
    1779669Arbor Snap Back 5L Fits: 9L-19L$54.83
    1779670Arbor Snap Back 1/CLM-K6L$85.67
    1779772Arbor Snap Back 1/CM - K2LQC$100.84
  • Tools Hose 1/4
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCLE36Hose Set JB 1/4sae flare Kobra 36$124.49
    CCLE72Hose Set JB 1/4sae flare Kobra 72$195.60
    CLE36BHose Set JB 1/4sae flare Kobra 72 Blue$43.28
    CLE36RHose Set JB 1/4sae flare Kobra 72 Red$43.28
    CLE36YHose Set JB 1/4sae flare Kobra 72 Yellow$43.28
    CLE72BHose Set JB 1/4sae fl 6 in Kobra Blue$60.85
    CLE72RHose Set JB 1/4sae fl 6 in Kobra Red$60.85
    CLE72YHose Set JB 1/4sae fl 6 in Kobra Yellow$60.85
    HJ5BKZHose B & C 5 foot 5/16 sae Flare$50.22
    HP10BPremiun Hose Blue 10 inch$81.60
    HP10RPremium Hose Red 10 inch$81.60
    HP20YPremium Hose Yellow 20 inch$127.32
    HP3BPremium Hose Blue 3 inch$31.55
    HP3E1/4 Hose Set with BV$194.71
    HP3RPremium Hose Red 3 inch$33.53
    HP3YPremium Hose Yellow 3 inch$33.53
    HP3YEPremium Hose Yellow 3 inch w valve$65.88
    HP5BKZHose B & C 5 1/4 flare w/Valve Blue$45.64
    HP5BKZRENOT AVAIL B & C 5 1/4 flare w/Valve Red$145.57
    HP6Premium Hose RBY 6 inch$148.80
    HP6BPremium Hose Blue 6 inch$53.93
    HP6E1/4 Hose Set with BV$250.95
    HP6RPremium Hose Red 6 inch$53.93
    HP6YPremium Hose Yellow 6 inch$53.93
    HP6YEPremiun Hose Yellow 6 inch w valve$87.44
    HPF3Premium Hose RBY 3 foot$116.00
    HT1YEHose 12" c/w Ball Valve$53.93
    HV6Vacuum Hose HD 3/8 6 foot$110.81
  • Tools Hose 3/8
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CL6HD60Heavy Duty Charging Hose 3/8 x 60$85.34
    CL6HD72Heavy Duty Charging Hose 3/8 x 72$99.58
    D10660JB Flex Metal Hose 3/8 x 60$256.67
  • Tools Hose ACME
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HA6Pro Set Hose 1/2acme w BVv RB$175.19
    HA6BPro Set Hose 1/2acme Blue 72$52.95
    HA6RPro Set Hose 1/2acme Red 72$52.95
    HA6YPro Set Hose 1/2acme w BVv Yellow$78.68
  • Tools Hose Gaskets & Depressor
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HX38GHose Gasket (10) 3/8$17.93
    HXDHose Depressor 1/4 10pak$18.37
    HXGGasket Hose 1/4 10pak$11.73
    HXG2Gasket Hose 1/2 10pak$14.70
    HXTG2Gasket Hose Teflon 1/2-20 10pak$17.50
    P511JB 1/4" Hose Gasket Pk6$23.33
    P90514JB Hose Core Depressor Pk5$8.75
  • Tools Hose R410a
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCLE536Hose Set JB 5/16sae flare x 1/4sae Flare$126.24
    CCLE5536Hose Set JB R410a 5/16sae flare 36$128.04
    CCLE5572Hose Set JB R410a 5/16sae flare 72$199.15
    CCLE572Hose Set JB 5/16sae flare x 1/4sae Flare$197.35
    HJ3Premium Hoses 3 inch 3pak$99.76
    HJ3BPremium Hose 3 inch Blue R410$33.53
    HJ3E5/16 Hose Set with BV$208.65
    HJ3RPremium Hose Red 3 inch R410$33.53
    HJ3YPremium Hose Yellow 3 inch R410$33.53
    HJ5Premium Hose 5 foot 3pak R410$131.14
    HJ5BPremium Hose 5 foot Blue R410$45.19
    HJ5E5/16 Hose Set with BV 5Foot$239.37
    HJ5RPremium Hose 5 foot Red R410$45.19
    HJ5YPremium Hose 5 foot Yellow R410$45.17
  • Tools Knives, Saws, & Blades Irwin
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10504407Hacksaw High Tension 1-125$50.00
    12132HT50HT 50 High Tension Hacksaw$99.57
    148216J6ROne Pack Replacement$20.63
    2014100Saw Pro Touch Jab$30.00
    2016-T224HET2 Technology Hacksaw Blade$9.92
    2082200Pro Torch Retractable Knife$28.20
    2084100Blue Blades 5pak$7.10
    2084200Blue Blades 20pak$27.25
    2089100Folding Utility Knife$32.70
    20997Folding Jab Saw$83.75
  • Tools Leak Detector Spare Parts
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    EMOS2LS2 Mos sensor replacement$104.64
    LS2XFSensor Filter LS2 Replacement 10pk$19.23
    LSXBMKMtnce Kit 0S780B/LS790B/2LSXS/1LSXSF$96.17
    LSXSSensor Ion Pump$52.10
    LSXS3Sensor Replacement ccd LS3000$96.17
  • Tools Leak Detectors
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    GS40Gas Seeker Combustible$596.08
    LS1Leak Detector CPS$628.55
    LS2Leak Detector with E_MOS Sensor$863.61
    LS3000REPLACED BY LS2 Leak Detector$831.68
    SRL2K7Leak Detector Kit Electronic$908.35
  • Tools Levels Irwin
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    58036Aluminium Level 900mm$123.10
    580488Aluminium Level 1200mm$135.10
    EM819Heavy Duty Magnetic Torpedo Level$34.25
  • Tools Magnets
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MDSH1Magnetic Parts Dish$20.00
    PMG2Magnet Extension - Pocket$31.67
    TLMAG1Magnetizer/Demagnetizer Compact$19.48
    TLMKC18Solenoid Magnet$29.14
  • Tools Mainfold Gauges R404a, R134a, R22
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    26126JB Revolver 4V M/FOLD R134/22/404$469.36
    MBTManifold w Gauges$159.19
    MBT5P5ZBlack & Chrome Series w 5 in hoses R22$370.90
    MBTMFWManifold w Gauges - MFW$110.98
    MT2T7P5WorkingMans Manifold 2WS R404a/R134a/R22$301.09
    MV14B5J5EZDO NOT USE Black & Chrome R410a w 5in$516.19
    MV2TManifold w Gauges$245.94
    MV2TP3Manifold Gauges 2 Valve With Hoses$337.32
    MV4T4P5EZNOT AVAIL B&C Vort 4 valve 80mm w hoses$618.76
  • Tools Manifold Gauges R410a
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    26506JB Revolver 4V M/FOLD R410a$512.00
    MCBManifold Blackmax R410a$167.57
    MCB5J5ZBlack & Chrome Series 410a w 5 in hoses$380.84
    MT11B7J5WorkingMans Manifold 2WS R410a$345.00
    MV11RJ5Manifold Vortech 2 Valve with Hoses$427.85
    MV12BJ5Gauges & Hoses Vortech R410a 68mm$565.34
    MV4TP3Gauge Set 4 Valve w 3' Hoses R404/134/22$525.44
  • Tools Manifold Gauges R600a, R290
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MBHCP3Manifold & Gauges Blackmax HC$252.62
    MT2C02P5EManifold C02 w 5 Hoses & BV$420.44
  • Tools Manifold Gauges Spare Parts
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    41-151Spindle for CR400a$15.03
    BRXRN1GHBRRN1 Supply Gauge 0-4000 PSIG 2$63.57
    BRXRN2GLBRRN2 Outlet Gauge 0-1000 PSIG 2$57.80
    M2XRKDiaphram Repair Kit$38.47
    M4XRKDiaphragm Valve Repair Kit 4$55.97
    MR-BVKDO NOT USE JB Revolver Ball Valve Kit$43.33
    MV2XRKVortech Dia Repair Kit 2-valve$32.07
    MV4XRKVortech Dia Repair Kit 4-valve$55.97
    MVXKVortech Manifold Handle with Label$21.83
    MXKKnob Manifold w Labels$21.83
    MXPKHandle Valve MBT$17.50
    MXPKCValve Handle Blackmax Chrome Metal$18.70
    MXPVPiston Valve Assembly MBT$17.50
    MXPVOPiston Valve O'Ring Kit MBT$14.00
    RGB5HGauge Hi Chrome R410a KPa$76.30
    RGB5LGauge Lo Chrome R410a KPa$69.37
    RGBHGauge High R410a psi/kpa/bar$50.33
    RGBLGauge Lo R410a psi/kpa/bar$50.33
    RGT5HGauge Hi Chrome R22/134/404 KPa$76.36
    RGT5LGuage Lo Chrome R22/134/404 KPa$76.30
    RGT7HGauge Hi Side Workman R404,22,134$109.30
    RGTHGauge Hi Side Replacement$50.33
    RGTLGauge Lo Side Gauge$49.36
    RGX68BBGauge Boot Rubber Blue$17.14
    RGX68RBGauge Boot Rubber Red$17.50
  • Tools Megohm Meter
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SMG5Megohm Meter 100vdc-2000mohms$258.34
  • Tools Mirrors
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    EIMFL360Light Extendable Mag Inspection$49.87
    PLM2Mirror Pocket Extension w light$48.33
    PMR1Mirror Extention - Pocket$14.75
    TLMIR1Mirror Telescopic$25.36
    TLMIR2Mirror Circular$28.41
    TLMIR3Mirror Rectangular Telescoping$28.41
    TLMIR4Mirror Circular Telescopic Pocket$25.36
  • Tools Multimeters
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    AC750AMP-Seeker Model AC750$370.90
    BM822Professional DMM with TRUE RMS$391.67
    HS33Stick Meter VAC, VDC, MFD$338.34
    HS35Stick Meter VAC, VDC, MFD, Hz$432.00
    HS36Stick Meter Kit$516.68
    ICM100KITClamp Meter Int-Changeable W-Hoo$552.51
    LT17AMultlimeter Digital$299.00
    LT17AWWireless Meter & Transmitter Kit ET2W$453.34
    SC240Compact Clamp Meter$220.50
    SC420Clamp Meter Auto Ranging$360.00
    SC45Clamp Meter Mini Auto Ranging$236.25
    SC53Clamp Meter Mini Dual Display mFd & Temp$231.67
  • Tools Multimeters Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ACH4Accessory Clamp Head 400aac$95.00
    ADK7Lead Kit Deluxe Silicon$56.25
    ADLS2Leads Deluxe Silicone Removable Tips$60.85
    ANC1Case Four Pocket$34.17
    ANC8Case Four Pocket Mid Size$68.33
    ARH4Relative Humidity, Temp & Dew Point$293.85
    ARH5Psychrometer Extendable Probe$266.19
    ASH3Head Superheat for R22, R410a + ATC1$388.34
    ASLS2Standard Silicone Leads (pair)$35.00
    AVG2Digital Vacuum Gauge Head$221.67
    DMXTLCPS test leads suit 750 meter$45.00
    EHDL1Electronic Handle$63.55
    MAGJUMPERMagnetic Jumper$36.67
    SPDM1Meter Autoranging Pocket w NCV$70.00
  • Tools Nitrogen Regulators
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    46-006O Ring to Suit NR200NTN$2.37
    BRRN2ANitrogen Regulator psi/kpa$453.23
    NFM3Nitrogen Flow Meter$257.14
    NR200NTNNitrogen Regulator Type 50 1/4FL$450.00
  • Tools Pliers Channel Lock
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3218Pliers Longnose Channel Lock Insul 212mm$109.94
    3238Pliers Cutting Channel Lock Insul 203mm$111.46
    3248Pliers Linesman Channel Lock Insul 216mm$109.94
    CHLKPG-2Channellock Twin Pack 3248 3238$188.33
  • Tools Pliers Irwin
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10505867NAPliers Insulated Diagonal Cutting$59.95
    10505869NAPliers Insulated Long Nose 1000v$59.95
    10507529NAPliers Insulated Linesman's 1000v$59.95
    11TPliers Fast Release Locking 250mm$52.35
    2078108Tongue & Groove Pliers 200mm$62.20
    2078110Tongue & Groove Pliers 250mm$71.10
  • Tools Pliers Pinching-Piercing
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    A32100JB Evacuation Pliers 3/16-7/8$106.69
    A32101JB Rep Needle suit A32100$46.26
    TLPOPliers Pinch off$80.30
    TLPPPliers Piercing 1/4$123.87
    TLPPXPliers Piercing 1/4 replace Tip$54.64
  • Tools Recip Blades
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    20564-614RRecip Bi-M 6x3/4x0.035in 14TPI (5 pack)$38.25
    20566-618RRecip Bi-M 6x3/4x0.035in 18TPI (5 pack)$38.25
    20568-624RRecip Bi-M 6x3/4x0.05in 24TPI (5 pack)$38.25
    20572-656RRecip Bi-M 6x3/4x0.05in 6TPI (5 pack)$51.08
    20576-800RGRecip Carbide Grit 8x3/4x0.040in CG (2p)$63.50
    20578-818RRecip Bi-M 8x3/4x0.035in 18TPI (5 pack)$46.67
    20580-810RRecip Bi-M 8x3/4x0.05in 10TPI (5 pack)$54.33
    20582-956RRecip Bi-M 9x3/4x0.05in 6TPI (5 pack)$73.58
    20585-156RRecip Bi-M 12x3/4x0.05in 6TPI (5 pack)$93.42
    20592-650RRecip Bi-M 6x3/4x0.05in 10/14TPI (2 pack$21.25
  • Tools Reclaim Units
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    42195Knob CR700E Hex$0.00
    CCXHBVHeater Blanket 240v 340w$497.41
    CR600EDO NOT USE Recovery Unit Comm$2,533.38
    CR700EREPLACED TR700E Recovery Unit Oil Less$2,665.05
    MT69Molecular Transformer$370.90
    SC410ADO NOT USE Universal Submersible Subcool$315.01
    TR21ERecovery Unit Twin Cyl 220-240v$2,635.05
    TR500ERecovery Unit$1,883.37
    TR600ERecovery Unit Twin Cyl 220-240v$2,583.39
    TR700ERecovery Unit Twin Cyl 220-240v$3,023.74
    TRS21ARecovery Unit Twin Cyl HFO Compatible$2,471.00
    TRS600ERecovery Unit Twin Cyl 220-240v$2,583.39
  • Tools Scales
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CC110Computer Charge Scales 5gm - 50kg$610.95
    CC220Charge Scale Compact 100kg$655.69
    CC220WCharge Scale Compact Wireless 100kg$642.83
    CC240RFCharge Scales Wireless RF 110kg$765.55
    CC240WWireless BT Scale 110kg 250x250$775.64
    CC50Charge Scale Compact 25kg$571.11
    CC800AComputa-Charge Prog Scale 220lb$1,299.45
    CC840RFCharge Scales Wireless Prog 110kg$1,273.96
    SRS2CScales 100kg Wireless with ANC9$625.01
  • Tools Service Valve Wrench
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    T21126UOff 1/2 3/16 One End 3/8, 5/16 Other End$40.23
    T21127U1/4, 3/16 One End - 3/8, 5/16 Other End$38.85
    TLSWOWrench Service$38.63
    TLSWSWrench Service$37.76
    Y60613Standard Wrench Service$45.00
    Y60616Offest Service Wrench$44.83
    Y60618Heavy Duty Ref'n Ratchet$49.83
  • Tools Snips Aviation Irwin
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    2073111Snips Aviation Left/Straight$40.85
    2073112Snips Aviation Right/Straight$40.85
    2073113Snips Aviation Straight$40.85
  • Tools Soldering Equipment
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    1811167Oxy Set Mp-Pro c/w Torch.$658.35
    1811320Oxy Cylinder for Map Pro Set$76.70
    BRZ1000JB Braze-Rite Adaptor$106.69
    BZ8250HTTrigger Start Hose Torch 1.5metres$267.00
    BZ9400QFKCSMQuick Fire Hand Torch$367.00
    GO580512Spark key Torch Igniter$41.70
    LT92Torch Head Lenox High Output$208.35
    MAPPGASMapp Gas Refill 16oz$35.75
    OX2550KCTorch Kit Oxygen & Propylene$264.00
    OX9Oxygen Gas Cylinder 2.1oz (Bernzomatic)$49.20
    PTC478Pro Torch Vulcane suits MAPP 28mm$407.64
    PTV450Standard Express Torch$255.10
    PTV4701Pro Torch Piezo & Trigger$35.00
    PTV47014Pro Torch Gas Jet 14mm$40.78
    PTV47022Pro Torch Gas Jet 22mm$40.78
    PTV47028Pro Torch Gas Jet 28mm$44.63
    PTV4714Pro Torch Burner Tube 14mm$101.91
    PTV471CPro Torch Set + Mapp Gas$564.68
    PTV471XPro Torch Set$566.89
    PTV471XPDO NOT USE!$295.33
    PTV471XPCPro Torch Set + Blanket & MAPP GAS$642.03
    PTV472Pro Torch Vulcane suits MAPP$300.72
    PTV4722Pro Torch Burner Tube 22mm$127.40
    PTV4728Pro Torch Burner Tube 28mm$152.89
    PTV474Pro Torch Vulcane suits MAPP 14mm$380.87
    PTV478Pro Torch Vulcane 28mm$407.64
    PTV5450Soldering Mat Premium Stop Flame 200x250$63.19
    PTV5451Protect Flame 210 x 297mm$66.27
    QF5Quick Fire Max Power Propylene Fuel Cyl$29.50
  • Tools Straps
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HS30Wagner Hang n Strap 31$20.97
    HS60Wagner Hang n Strap 60$20.67
    RS15Tie Down Rubber 15 inch$7.63
    RS20Tie Down Rubber 20 inch$9.53
    RS31Tie Down Rubber 31 inch$10.50
    RS41Tie Down Rubber 41 inch$13.93
  • Tools Testo Data Loggers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05541766Comsoft 3 Basic w USB for 175$451.00
    05601410Testo 410i Vane Anemometer Smart BT$206.67
    05630002Refrigeration Kit Smart BT$605.01
    05720561Starter Kit 174 Testo Data Logger$298.34
    05721560Data Logger 174$135.00
    05721845184H1 USB Temp & Humidity Data Logger$278.34
    05726560Data Logger 174H$211.67
  • Tools Testo Gauges Digital & Spares
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    01730180Split Pin$2.85
    01921304Valve Actuator$17.05
    01921305Valve Actuator Cover Red$2.85
    01921306Valve Actuator Cover Blue$2.85
    05600550TESTO Digital Manifold T549$498.34
    05605504Electronic Manifold 550$721.00
    05605520Vacuum Instrument$441.68
    05605522Vacuum Instrument 552 w/ Bluetooth$440.00
    05631557TESTO Digital Manifold T557$1,177.55
    05635505Digital Refrigerant Gauge 550-1$847.00
    05635506Electronic Manifold 550-2 Set$832.00
    06131712Air Probe NTC$181.67
    06135505Clamp Probe 550$131.67
    MD100VHEDigital Manifold 4V w/ Probes 5BV$1,632.03
    MD50VHEDigital Manifold 2V w/ Probes 5BV$1,507.36
    MDXBKDigital Manifold battery pack$75.72
  • Tools Testo Pocket Line
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05546600Universal Service Adaptor Transducer$889.54
    05546651Wall Channel Mounting Plate$81.03
    05556600-01Humidity Probes$692.48
    05556600-04Humidity Probes$981.63
    05556651Standard Humidity Transducer$1,585.71
    05600460Tachometer Pocket 460$358.34
    05600510Differential Pressure 0-100hPa$351.67
    05600511Meter Differential Pressure 511$415.01
    05600540Meter Pocket Lux 540$323.34
    05600610Meter Humidity & Temperature 610$366.67
    05600810Meter Dual Temperature 810$231.67
    05604101Air Velocity with Ambient Temp$245.00
    05604102Air Velocity w Ambient Temp & Humidity$381.67
    06323173Testo 317-3 Ambient CO Meter$400.00
  • Tools Testo Smart Sensors
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05160240Smart Case - Refrigeration$70.00
    05160260Smart Case - Ventilation & AC$70.00
    05160270Smart Case - Heating$70.00
    05601115Testo 115i Clamp Thermometer Smart BT$138.34
    05601405Testo 405i Thermal Anemometer Smart BT$248.33
    05601510Testo 510i Diff Pressure Smart BT$235.00
    05601549Testo 549i High Pressure Meter Smart BT$165.00
    05601605Testo 605i Thermo Hygrometer Smart BT$206.67
    05601805Testo 805i Infrared Thermometer Smart BT$206.67
    05601905Testo 905i Thermometer Smart BT$180.00
    05630003Ventilation & AC Kit Smart BT$866.68
    05630004Heating Kit Smart BT$578.34
    5305601905Testo 905i T/meter with K TC Adaptor$325.00
  • Tools Thermometers & Probes
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    05601108Thermometer 110$401.00
    05601112Thermometer SS Mini$91.70
    05601113Waterproofed Mini-Thermometer$117.85
    05606351Testo 635-1 Thermohygrometer$853.35
    05608311Thermometer Infrared 830-T1$165.00
    05608312Thermometer Infrared 830-T2$255.00
    05631063Temperature Instrumet 106+Top Safe$146.67
    05631550Testo 550 Digital Manifold Kit$815.02
    06020646Flexible T/C Type K 1,500mm$100.00
    1L50Thermometer L0100 LAB RS -10/50c$33.35
    ATA1Bead K-thermocouple w Alligator Clip$36.67
    ATB1Thermocouple K Bead 200oc Insulation$26.08
    ATC1K-Thermocouple adj Pipe Clamp small$128.34
    ATIR3Temperature Infrared non contact$158.34
    ATR1Thermocouple K Immersion 200oc Flex Lead$121.70
    REDITEMPThermometer Digital -50~200c$115.50
    SIL2Thermometer IR 1:1 w LED Torch - Pocket$90.00
    SPK2Thermometer Digital Pocket Knife$58.33
    ST4Temp Meter Dual w Thermocouples C/F$183.35
    SWT2Thermometer Water resistant$41.25
    TM50Thermometer Digitherm -40/+50c$71.43
    TM75Thermometer Dual KJT$289.01
    TMAPCThermometer Pocket Analog -40o/80oC$16.03
    TMDPDigital Pocket Thermometer$50.00
    TMINI12Thermometer 12:1 Infrared$291.42
    TMX2FPSurface Flex Probe$151.00
    TMXKBEADTemp Probe K Type Bead$26.23
    TPK02Temp Probe K Type Stainless 120mm$56.37
    TPK04Temp Probe K Type Stainless 200mm$136.57
    TPK14Temp Probe K Type Suface$176.00
    TPK20Temp Probe K Type Clamp 8-38mm$151.74
    Y69239Digi-Alarm Thermometer$75.00
  • Tools Torch
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    111112ClipStrip Mini Torch$25.02
    24458Pivot Light (Flip Torch)$48.33
    GO114301Cliplight Hemi Mini$157.95
    GO410239Cliplight Hemi Mini Magnetic Covers$35.00
    GO89DCCliplight UV Torch$46.25
    PLF2Torch Pocket size LED$22.50
    TLW53AARechargeable Anodised Aluminium LED$81.66
  • Tools Torque Wrench Sets
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ATQS41Torque Wrench Set 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 BBK$623.35
    BTQ550BBK Torque Wrench 1/2$165.84
    TLDTWAdjust. Digital Torque Wrench$423.88
    TLTWSMWrench Torque Set$262.28
  • Tools Tube Bender Springs
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    TBS04Spring Bender 1/4$8.22
    TBS06Spring Bender 3/8$8.90
    TBS08Spring Bender 1/2$10.93
    TBS10Spring Bender 5/8$13.86
    TBS12Spring Bender 3/4$15.32
  • Tools Tube Benders
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BTB06BLACKMAX Pipe Bender 3/8$123.39
    BTB08BLACKMAX Pipe Bender 1/2$138.22
    BTB10BLACKMAX Pipe Bender 5/8$241.76
    BTB12BLACKMAX Pipe Bender 3/4$312.57
    BTB14BLACKMAX Pipe Bender 7/8$345.23
    BTB300Premium Ratchet Benders$558.35
    TB04Pipe Bender 1/4$86.11
    TB06Pipe Bender 3/8$140.14
    TB08Pipe Bender 1/2$156.97
    TB10Pipe Bender 5/8$274.58
    TB12Pipe Bender 3/4$355.01
    TB14Pipe Bender 7/8$466.27
    TB250Pipe Bender Universal$361.36
    TB368Pipe Bender 3 in 1 1/4 5/16 3/8$76.22
    TBXBM16DO NOT USE 5/8 Mandrel for Tube Bender$63.33
  • Tools Tube Cutter Parts
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    12127-R1BPVC Cutter Blade$124.39
    14829-TSBCutting Wheel$33.20
    21192Cutting Wheel$53.83
    21193Cutting Wheel$53.67
    TCX289NBBlade Nickel Plated TC289 Cutting Wheel$28.77
    TCX289PRPin for Roller TC289 for Replacement$6.80
    TCX4CCutting Wheel 274/312$39.37
    TCX4SCutting Wheel Screw$17.80
    TCX7CCutting Wheel 127/174$39.37
    TCX7SCutting Wheel Screw$17.80
  • Tools Tube Cutters
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    12123-R1PVC Cutter$248.67
    21008Tube Cutter$74.75
    21009Tube Cutter$93.97
    21010-TC118Tube Cutter$117.50
    21011-TC138Tube Cutter$219.14
    21012-TC134Tube Cutter$242.94
    30874-AUS315 Piece Bi Metal Hole Saw Kit$449.73
    BTC200Tube Cutter Blackmax 1/8-7/8$58.27
    BTC200RMini Rachet Tube Cutter 1/8 - 7/8$119.20
    BTC300Tube Cutter Blackmax 1/8-11/4$101.17
    TC289NTube Cutter 3/16 to 1.1/8 Nickel Blade$69.36
    TC289TTube Cutter 3/16 to 1.1/8 Pack$69.36
    TCAPCapillary Tube Cutter$39.10
    TCPVCPVC Cutter Titanium Series$89.02
    TCT127Tube Cutter Titanium 1/8-5/8$37.09
    TCT174Tube Cutter Titanium 3/8-1.1/8$66.23
    TCT206Tube Cutter Titanium 1/4-2.5/8$211.94
    TCT274Tube Cutter Titanium 1/8-1.1/8$111.26
    TCT312Tube Cutter Titanium 1/4-1.5/8$137.75
    Y60101Tube Cutter Prem 1/8-1.1/8$69.45
    Y60102Tube Cutter Prem 1/4-1.5/8$96.25
    Y60121Tube Cutter Mini 1/4-7/8$37.40
    Y60142Tube Cutter Big Mini$109.25
    Y60160Tube Cutter Small Mini$30.30
    Y69196Calculator Superheat/Subcool w/ therm$316.32
  • Tools UV Dye & Injectors
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    900008UV Dye 240ml Bottle$128.35
    GO87DCVector 7 LED Rechargeable UV Lamp$258.35
    GO96425KITLeak Detection Kit All in One$483.35
    UV101Dye Stick to 2.9lbs CPS$22.21
    UVNJ2Dye Injector Handturn R12 1/2oz cap$233.15
    UVNJ34Dye Injector Handturn R134a 1/2os cap$142.69
    UVNJXORO'Ring/Gasket Kit suit UVNJ$12.44
    UVPROUV Light Pocket w/glasses only$136.00
    UVUD6Dye Bottle Universal HVAC/R 8oz$140.25
  • Tools Vacuum Gauges
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    DV24NDigital Vacuum Gauge + Case$734.29
    DV29JB Vac Hook up Kit$497.77
    PT200WWireless Digital Press & Temp Gauge$613.46
    VG200Vacuum Gauge Digital - DO NOT ORDER$455.82
    VG200WVacuum Gauge Digital BT$533.34
    Y69086Vacuum Gauge Yellow Jacket$594.31
  • Tools Vacuum Pump Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    VPASUAnti siphon Vv Kit 1/4,3/8,1/2-20$137.14
  • Tools Vacuum Pumps
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ALTIMAA2LAltima A2L R32$1,478.45
    DV142N250AUVacuum Pump JB Platinum 120 l/m 240v$1,452.44
    DV200N250AUVacuum Pump JB Platinum170 l/m 240v$1,688.86
    DV285N250AUJB Vacuum Pump 242 ltr/m 240V$1,866.70
    DV42N250AUVacuum Pump JB Platinum 36 l/m 240v$1,215.98
    DV85N250AUVacuum Pump JB Platinum 72 l/m 240v$1,468.57
    DVT1Oil Container THE TANK$76.38
    VP10DEVacuum Pump 236LPM$1,674.78
    VP12DEVacuum Pump 12cfm 2st Dual Voltage$1,595.38
    VP12DEV288l/m 2 Stage with vac Holding Solenoid$1,978.95
    VP2DEVacuum Pump 2stage 48 l/m$623.71
    VP6DEVacuum Pump 144 ltr$883.59
    VP6DEVVacuum Pump 144 l/m c/w Solenoid$1,250.25
    VP8DEVacuum Pump 8CFM 2 Stage 220V$1,313.85
    VPC2DBVacuum Pump 12v 2CFM 2 Stage$386.76
    VPC2DEVacuum Pump Compact 42 ltr$568.98
    VPC2S-18VDCCPS Cordless 18v Vacuum Pump c/w Battery$935.32
    VPCXB18CPS 6.0Ah 18VDC Spare Battery$292.21
    VPCXBCAU3.0amp Battery Charger VPC25-18VDC$139.63
    VPGXSV230Solenoid Inlet Assem. W-1/4SAE & 3/8$89.35
    VPS12DAV288l/m 2 Stage 240V SparkProof$1,978.95
    VPS6DAVacuum Pump Hydrocarb 6cfm 144l/m$1,039.52
    VPS6DAVVacuum Pump No ignition, Inlet Solenoid$1,091.69
    VPS6DE144l/m Ignition Proof Vacuum Pump$1,182.05
    Y93620Vacuum Pump 7cfm 165L$966.69
  • Tools Valve Core Removers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    A32008JB Valve Core Torque$56.93
    A32008BXJB Valve Core Torque Display Box$53.38
    A32500N1/4 Valve Core Remover Tool$113.81
    A32525N1/4 Valve Core Remover Tool w/ Access$149.34
    A32530N5/16 Core Remover w/ Access$160.01
    TLVCValve Core Remover$111.61
    TLVC1Valve Core Tool w Cores$31.05
    TLVC134DO NOT USE Valve Core Remover Kit R134a$96.59
    TLVC2Valve Core Tool Dual$16.62
    TLVC410Valve Core Remover Kit R410$120.63
    TLVCSValve Core Remover with Side Access$131.14
    TLVCS410Valve Core Remover Side Access R410$139.88
    TLXVCValve Core Remover Tip for TLV$21.86
  • Tools Voltage Tester
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BT691000V LCD + LED Voltage Tester$310.98
    C8902AAC Voltage (NCV) Detector ADJ CATIII 600$50.00
    SNCV1Tester Voltage Pocket Non contact$24.92
    T7108Voltfinger AC Magnetic CATIII 600V$89.28
    T7150Voltfinger Inc Torch CATIII 600V$89.28
  • Tools Wire Stripper Cliplight
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    GO590441Wire Stripper$47.70
  • Tools Wrench
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    TLWA06Wrench Adjustable 6 inch 15/16/24mm$60.92
    TLWA08Wrench Adjustable 8 inch 1 1/8/29mm$67.32
    TLWA10Wrench Adjustable10 inch 1 15/16/33mm$86.49
    TLWA12DO NOT USE Wrench Adjustable 12 inch$0.00
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HAE10VX100B20TX Valve R22 Bi Flow 8-10ton$246.79
    HAE3VX100B20TX Valve R22 Bi Flow 1.5-3ton$257.95
    HAE5VX100B20TX Valve R22 Bi Flow 3.5-5ton$231.73
    HAE75VX100B20TX Valve R22 Bi Flow 5.5-7.5ton$240.81
    HAE8VX100B20TX Valve R22 Bi Flow 6-8ton$234.37
  • TX Valve Bi-Flow R410a
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HAE10KX200TX Valve R410a Bi Flow 8-10ton$232.12
    HAE3KX200TX Valve R410a Bi Flow 1.5-3ton$217.60
    HAE5KX200TX Valve R410a Bi Flow 3.5-5ton$217.60
    HAE75KX200TX Valve R410a Bi Flow 5.5-7.5ton$226.31
  • TX Valve Danfoss Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    067B3342TX Valve 404A$307.71
    067N3152TX Valve R410A TGEL$178.85
    067N3156TX Valve R410A TGEL$178.85
    068Z3206TX Valve R22 INT TX2$132.05
    068Z3209TX Valve R22 EXT TEX2$178.20
    068Z3346TX Valve R134A INT TN2$113.10
    068Z3348TX Valve R134A TEN2$178.85
    068Z3400TX Valve R404A TS2$113.10
    068Z3403TX Valve R404A EX TES2$178.85
    068Z3409TX Valve MOP50 TES2 fl$178.85
  • TX Valve Danfoss Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    067N2152TX Valve R22 TGEX$212.75
    068Z3281TX Valve R22 INT TX2 sol$132.05
    068Z3284TX Valve R22 EXT TEX2 sol$206.50
    068Z3383TX Valve R134a INT TN2 sol$132.05
    068Z3385TX Valve R134A TEN2 sol$206.50
    068Z3414TX Valve R404A TS2-S$113.10
    068Z3415TX Valve R404A EX TES2S$206.50
  • TX Valve Orifice Danfoss
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    0682002Orifice 0X$35.20
    0682003Orifice 00$35.20
    0682006Orifice 03$35.20
    0682007Orifice 04$52.25
    0682008Orifice 05$52.25
    0682009Orifice 06$52.25
    0682010Orifice 01$35.20
    0682015Orifice 02$35.20
  • TX Valve Sporlan RCVE Bi Directional
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    RCVE4GATX Valve Compact Internal Check$264.70
    RCVE5GATX Valve R22 Compact Internal Check$264.70
  • TX Valve Sporlan SSE
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SSE3CTX Valve R404a Med Temp 1/2 x 7/8 odf$282.70
    SSE4CTX Valve R404a Med Temp 1/2 x 7/8 odf$282.70
  • TX Valve Sporlan SVE
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    KT63VVCP100Power Element R22 Airconditioning$227.00
    PVE11CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 5/8x7/8mop$398.49
    PVE16CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 7/8x 11/8mop$756.41
    PVE20CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 7/8x 13/8$764.70
    SJE2CTX Valve R134a Med Temp 1/2x5/8odf$282.65
    SVE3CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 1/2x5/8 mop$282.70
    SVE4CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 1/2x7/8 mop$282.63
    SVE5CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 1/2x7/8 mop$282.70
    SVE8CP100TX Valve R22 Med Temp 5/8x7/8 mop$282.70

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