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  • Safety
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    0899401068Pro Glove NTR Softflex Size8$24.35
    0899401069Pro Glove NTR Softflex Size9$24.35
    0899401070Pro Glove NTR Softflex Size10$24.35
    0899402149Pro Glove Leather EN388 Medium$16.10
    0899402150Pro Glove Leather EN388 Large$16.10
    0899402151Pro Glove Leather EN388 X-Large$16.10
    4774NC Coil Gun$358.40
    61308A/C Drain Sucker$120.38
    SPRAY2LNC Spray Bottle 2L$0.00
  • Sealants & Adhesives Parker
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    FS15280RTV Silicone Black 280g$41.60
    GG22050Flange Sealant Fast Cure 50g$29.95
    GG25050Flange Sealant Larger Gaps 50g$29.95
    GT21050Thread Sealant General Purpose 50g$29.95
    GT24050Thread Sealant Hi Temp with PTFE 50g$29.95
    IA01020Instant Adhesive Rigid Rubber & Metal 20$28.25
    IA04020Instant Adhesive General Purpose 20g$28.25
    IA04100Instant Adhesive General Purpose 100g$108.25
    IA06020Instant Adhesive Porous & Flexible 20g$28.25
    NB260Nutbuster 260g$46.60
    RC81010Retaining Compound Hi Temp General 10g$16.60
    RC81050Retaining Compound Hi Temp General 50g$46.60
    RC83050Retaining Compound Tight Fit 50g$46.60
    RC84050Retaining Compound Loose Fit 50g$46.60
    SA01014Epoxy General Purpose 2part Adhesive 14g$13.25
    ST01100Activator for IA Adhesives 128g$16.60
    ST02100Activator for LL & RC Range 128g$16.60
    TL22010Thread Lockers Frequent Adjustment 10g$16.60
    TL22050Thread Lockers Frequent Adjustment 50g$46.60
    TL55050Thread Lockers General Purpose 50g$46.60
    TL81050Thread Lockers Penetrating 50g$46.60
    TL86010Thread Lockers Hi Strength 50g$46.60
  • Seeley Evap Coolers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    094298Coolair MagIQtouch Control$300.06
    098432Coolair Drain Valve$182.04
    CPQ1100-BEIGECoolair Evap Cooler 2710L/sec$2,834.57
    CPQ1100-GREYCoolair Evap Cooler 2710L/sec$2,834.57
    CPQ1100-RTERRACOTTACoolair Evap Cooler 2710L/sec$2,834.57
    CPQ450-BEIGECoolair Evap Cooler 1570L/sec$2,052.41
    CPQ450-GREYCoolair Evap Cooler 1570L/sec$2,052.41
    CPQ450-RTERRACOTTACoolair Evap Cooler 1570L/sec$2,052.41
    CPQ700-BEIGECoolair Evap Cooler 2000L/sec$2,287.46
    CPQ700-GREYCoolair Evap Cooler 2000L/sec$2,287.46
    CPQ700-RTERRACOTTACoolair Evap Cooler 2000L/sec$2,287.46
    CPQ850-BEIGECoolair Evap Cooler 2560L/sec$2,571.51
    CPQ850-GREYCoolair Evap Cooler 2560L/sec$2,571.51
    CPQ850-RTERRACOTTACoolair Evap Cooler 2560L/sec$2,571.51
  • Seeley Gas Heater Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    075006Kit MagiQtouch Internal Flue (TQ4-TQM5)$342.67
    075082MagiQtouch With Loom (Multizone)$342.67
    075501Kit MagiQtouch External Flue (TQ4)$342.67
    075518Kit MagiQtouch Underfloor$342.67
    075525Kit MagiQtouch Internal Flue (TQ5)$342.67
    075556Kit MagiQtouch External Flue (TQM5)$342.67
    075563Kit MagiQtouch Internal Flue (TQM6)$342.67
    075570Kit MagiQtouch External Flue (TQM6)$342.67
    075990Flashing 150mm Small (TQ/TQM516-523)$87.10
    076034Flashing 300mm Small (TQ/TQM516-523)$92.83
    076331Flashing 150mm Small (TQ415-425)$73.35
    076348Flashing 300mm Small (TQ415-425)$80.22
    076362Flashing 150mm Large (TQ430-435)$73.35
    076386Flashing 300mm Large (TQ430-435)$80.22
    076546Flashing 200mm - Flush$37.82
    076898Flashing 50mm - Flush$34.38
    077260Flashing 150mm Large (TQ/TQM532)$87.10
    077277Flashing 300mm Large (TQ/TQM532)$92.83
    077420Kit Heatshield - external$68.76
    079073Flue Guard$64.18
    094908Kit Zone Enclosure 240v$271.62
    094915Kit Zone Enclosure 24v$271.62
    094922Kit Zone PCBA 240v$165.03
    094939Kit Zone PCBA 24v$165.03
    649276Assy Downflow Air Box Sml (TQMD516-520)$165.03
    650562Assy Downflow Air Box Large (TQMD530)$220.04
  • Seeley Gas Heaters
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    TQ415NGBraemar TQ415NG Gas Ducted Heater$3,665.29
    TQ420NGBraemar TQ420NG Gas Ducted Heater$3,881.65
    TQ425NGBraemar TQ425NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,332.71
    TQ430NGBraemar TQ430NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,688.42
    TQ435NGBraemar TQ435NG Gas Ducted Heater$5,011.13
    TQ4X20NGBraemar TQ4X20NG Gas Ducted Heater X Air$4,142.02
    TQ4X25NGBraemar TQ4X25NG Gas Ducted Heater X Air$4,561.90
    TQ4X30NGBraemar TQ4X30NG Gas Ducted Heater X Air$4,825.94
    TQ516NGBraemar TQ516NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,587.57
    TQ523NGBraemar TQ523NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,963.45
    TQ532NGBraemar TQ532NG Gas Ducted Heater$5,634.54
    TQ5X23NGBraemar TQ5X23NG Gas Ducted Heater X Air$5,148.64
    TQ5X32NGBraemar TQ5X32NG Gas Ducted Heater X Air$5,867.40
    TQM516NGBraemar TQM516NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,523.40
    TQM520NGBraemar TQM520NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,890.11
    TQM530Braemar TQM530 Gas Ducted Heater$5,539.19
    TQM5X20NGBraemar TQM5X20NG Gas Ducted Heater XAir$5,067.97
    TQM5X20UBraemar TQM5X20U Gas Ducted Heater (Prp)$5,154.14
    TQM5X30NGBraemar TQM5X30NG Gas Ducted Heater XAir$5,768.39
    TQM5X30UBraemar TQM5X30U Gas Ducted Heater (Prp)$5,854.57
    TQM618NGBraemar TQM618NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,879.11
    TQM623NGBraemar TQM623NG Gas Ducted Heater$5,421.84
    TQM632NGBraemar TQM632NG Gas Ducted Heater$6,098.43
    TQM6X23NGBraemar TQM6X23NG Gas Ducted Heater XAir$5,640.04
    TQM6X23UBraemar TQM6X23U Gas Ducted Heater (Prp)$5,726.22
    TQM6X32NGBraemar TQM6X32NG Gas Ducted Heater XAir$6,344.13
    TQM6X32UBraemar TQM6X32U Gas Ducted Heater (Prp)$6,430.30
    TQMD516NGBraemar TQMD516NG Gas Ducted Heater$3,782.64
    TQMD520NGBraemar TQMD520NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,043.01
    TQMD530NGBraemar TQMD530NG Gas Ducted Heater$4,516.06
  • Service Aid Bostic
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    089100Cartridge Gun Manual 310ml$66.55
    0892165No More Gaps Acrylic White 310mL$9.42
    BK098965Duct Sealer Tube 320gm Fire Rated$13.33
    BK1128Thermopaste Tube 460gm Code 40030$25.05
    BK149063No More Nails Tube 320gm$4.60
    BK170526Sealer White Coolroom 450gm (Mastic)$10.70
    BK175706Flex E Duct 5660 Emer-Seal$90.05
    BK266434Silicone Clear Tube 300ml$12.80
    BK266434WSilicone White Tube 300ml$12.80
    BK267414Expanda Foam Aerosol 350gm - Small$23.76
    GKOEXFOAM500Expanda Foam Aerosol 580gm - Large$27.25
  • Service Aid Cleaning Agents
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    4083-90Duracoil Coil & Surface Protector$0.00
    4127-75Blackhawk Foam Coil Cleaner$54.03
    4151-08NC Comp Care Mini-Split Kit$88.79
    4166-75Evap-Fresh No Rinse$0.00
    4168-08Evap Coil Cleaner 3.8ltr$83.13
    4287-08Ice Machine Clean Food Grade Nickel Safe$82.70
    4287-34Ice Machine Clean Food Grade Nickel Saf$16.60
    4291-08Nu-Brite Coil Cleaner 3.8ltr$102.09
    61001Clen-Air Original Tub 227gram$34.65
    61030Clen-Air Original Spray 473mL$54.66
    61033Clen-Air Citrus Spray 473mL$44.86
    61037Clen-Air Cherry Spray 473mL$44.86
    61044NC Purcool Green Mini Strip$32.78
    61045NC Purcool Green Comcl Strips 10ton$35.64
    61046NC Purcool Green Comcl Strips 30ton$137.61
    61113Spray Nine Cleaner & Disinfectant 946mL$39.55
    61118A/C Shine Cleaner/Protectant 341mL$64.34
    AC4Anti Corrosive 4ltr$62.25
    CAClean Air Home/Office$48.33
    DELIMERIce Machine Cleaner Delimer$20.05
    EDCLEasydose Cartridge Large$42.70
    EDCMEasydose Cartridge Mini$11.46
    FAS1Fresh Air Sponge 500mil$21.88
    FAS4Fresh Air Sponge 2lt$93.10
    GA-4Grease Away 4ltr$40.25
    IMC1Ice Machine Cleaner 1lt$13.13
    IMC4Ice Machine Cleaner 4lt$41.39
    RT300GCoil Cleaner Solution Carbonex 4ltr$93.35
    RT300SFoam Gun Carbonex$356.00
    RT350GCoil Cleaner E+Evaporator 4ltr$87.70
    RT350SCoil Cleaner E+Evaporator Remote Spray$13.60
    RT375ACoil Degreaser Viper Aerosol 18oz$63.35
    VCC20CBCoat-a-Coil Aerosol 18oz$49.30
  • Service Aids
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10001Leak Lock 1/3oz Tube$22.17
    11509Cool Gel LA-CO Large 700mL$65.85
    11513Cool Gel LA-CO Small 473ml$52.12
    11575NOT AVAILABLE Heat Seal Stick LA-CO$51.75
    1835492Sharpie Metallic Assorted$4.98
    1875609Sharpie Fine Neon$4.58
    35010Sharpie Fine Black$4.15
    4182-24Cal-Blue Bubble Leak Detector 946mL$33.33
    4182-53Cal-Blue Bubble Leak Detector 177mL$24.62
    4185-75Shark Wipes 75 Count Canister$66.03
    AP012012PSharpie Aluminium Bullet Tip$4.98
    AP012013PSharpie Aluminium Chisel Tip$4.98
    BOR7094Bag of Rags - Coloured Flannelette 10kg$65.00
    DO1Telespout Oiler 4oz 115mL$7.80
    ERGABSAntibacterial Spray$23.35
    FFMEDIAFilter Frame Media 2.1m x 1m$10.56
    PFMEDIAPermatron Filter Media 2m x 1m$45.09
    RED404Silicone Clean Up$20.25
    RED407Boot Grip$24.25
    RT100SLeak Detector Big Blu Micro 1litre$35.00
    RT200RNylog Sealant suit CFC-HCFC 30ml$30.80
    RT201BNylog Sealant suit HFC 30ml$34.90
    S35124Sharpie Mini Black 72 Piece$2.70
    S35543Sharpie Fine White$11.44
    S35558Sharpie Medium White$11.44
    SB-S20093047Sharpie Bullet Tip - Black$11.44
    SB-S20093048Sharpie Bullet Tip - Blue$11.44
    SB-S20093049Sharpie Bullet Tip - Red$11.44
  • Shaft Seal Bitzer
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    374008-02Shaft Seal No 2/3$139.25
    374008-03Shaft Seal No 4$169.70
    374008-04Shaft Seal No 5$205.50
  • Shaft Seal Bock
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    08001Shaft Seal Assy F1,2,3,- AM2$384.00
    08007Shaft Seal Assy AM3$566.00
    08008Shaft Seal Assy F4-5 AM4$592.00
    08629Shaft Seal Assy F5 AM5$627.00
  • Shaft Seal Kelvinator & Terry
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    FA116Seal & Gasket Kelvinator H42$135.35
    FA117Seal Kit Kelvinator K62$215.00
    FA118Seal & Gasket Kelvinator Y72$164.50
    FA119Seal & Gasket Kelvinator T82$195.00
    FA130Seal & Gasket Kelvinator 42$135.85
    FA131Seal & Gasket Kelvinator 72 1.1/4$173.95
    FA136Seal Kelvinator$70.00
    FA170-91Seal & Gasket$198.35
    FA170-94Seal & Gasket VS$215.00
    FA170-95Seal & Gasket PJS$173.95
  • Sight Glass Sporlan Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SA12Sight Glass 1/4fl$42.45
    SA13Sight Glass 3/8fl$45.35
    SA13FMSight Glass 3/8fmf$46.20
    SA14Sight Glass 1/2fl$56.45
    SA14FMSight Glass 1/2fl Male Female$61.93
    SA15Sight Glass 5/8fl$58.60
    SA15USight Glass 5/8$69.13
  • Sight Glass Sporlan Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SA12SSight Glass 1/4sol$44.60
    SA13SSight Glass 3/8sol$47.20
    SA14SSight Glass 1/2sol$59.00
    SA15SSight Glass 5/8sol$60.10
    SA16SSight Glass 3/4$73.77
    SA17SSight Glass 7/8sol$87.00
    SA19SSight Glass 1.1/8$96.25
  • Skope Spare Parts
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BC-PI03-00Skope Shelf Clip$8.10
    D6660/765B660 Vert Thermal Break$20.85
    ELM9917Fasco Motor Reversible for Skope$167.15
    ELO7702Mechanical Thermostat$63.63
    ELZ3333AP-160Elec Controller 160 Prog Less Probes$279.98
    ELZ3333AP-401Elec Controller 401 Prog Less Probes$279.98
    ELZ3333AP-402Elec Controller 402 Prog Less Probes$279.98
    ELZ3333AP-485Elec Controller 485 Prog Less Probes$279.98
    GKT0482SKSkope Gasket$40.35
    HB0074091585Skope Door Sensor Magnet$4.33
    V0973-99Skope Shelf Clip Gold$0.78
    V6000/766Thermal Break Horiz Coex$9.28
  • Solder & Flux
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ACR800ESF250PGStay Silv G/P Brazing Flux 113$23.35
    AG15Silver Solder Brown Tip 15%$21.25
    AG2Silver Solder Yellow Tip 2%$4.80
    AG45Silver Solder Blue Tip 45%$21.25
    BABAREBlockade Br Alloy Bare$4.20
    BAFLUXEDBlockade Br Alloy Fluxed$4.70
    EMERYEmery Cloth 30mm wide x 80 grain (p/m)$9.00
  • Solenoid Coil Danfoss
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    018F6702Coil for Solenoid Valve 220/240v$92.00
    018F6707Coil 24vac (OS)$96.85
    018F6711Coil for Solenoid Valve 110vac$92.00
    018F6857Coil for Solenoid Valve 24v$92.00
  • Solenoid Coil Goyen
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    G601166-64QR Coil Assy 12v dc (black)$124.10
    G601200-1RBR Coil Assy 240/50 (black)$200.35
    G601207-1QR Coil Assy 220/240v 50/60hz blck (OS)$124.10
    G601207-54QR Coil Assy 240vdc BLACK (OS)$124.10
    G60181-4QF Coil Assy 240v 50hz (brown)$124.10
    G60181-64QF Coil Assy 12v dc (brown)$124.10
    G60185-13Q2 Coil Assy 24v 50hz (Brown)$114.00
    G60185-4Q2 Coil Assy 240v 50hz (Brown)$114.00
    G60185-54Q2 Coil Assy 240vdc (brown)$107.00
    G60185-59Q2 Coil Assy 110vdc (brown)$107.00
    G60189-2B2 Coil Assy 415v 50hz (brown)$153.68
    G60189-4B2 Coil Assy 240/50 (brown)$153.68
    G60189-4RBR Coil Assy 240/50 (black)$200.35
    G60189-63BR Coil Assy 24vdc$153.68
    G60189-64B2 Coil Assy 12v dc (brown)$153.68
  • Solenoid Coil Heldon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    2406-240-ACSolenoid Coil c/w Junc Box -200-240vac$37.00
  • Solenoid Coil Parker Water - Coils & Timers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    4827253DSolenoid Valve Coil 230vac 9w$127.75
    482725A2Solenoid Valve Coil 24vac 9w$127.75
    482725A5Solenoid Valve Coil 110vac 9w$127.75
    482725C1Solenoid Valve Coil 12vdc 9w$116.10
    482725C2Solenoid Valve Coil 24vdc 9w$116.10
    482725C5Solenoid Valve Coil 110vdc 9w$116.10
    ELECD41-120 Second DIN Timer$146.40
  • Solenoid Coil Sporlan
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    DINCONNECTORDin Plug Connector$15.50
    MKC1Coil Solenoid 220/240vac 50hz$141.62
    MKC2Coil Solenoid 220/240vac 50hz$135.08
  • Solenoid Valve Danfoss Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    032F1240Solenoid Valve EVR20 7/8odf less coil$497.00
    032F3145Replaced by 34760047$828.47
    032F8079Solenoid Valve 1/2fl EVR6$83.95
    032F8098Solenoid Valve 5/8 fl EVR10$112.10
    032F8107Solenoid Valve 1/4fl$75.05
    032F8116Solenoid Valve 3/8fl EVR3$75.05
    34760047Solenoid Valve Assy for Capacity Control$828.47
  • Solenoid Valve Danfoss Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    032F1204Solenoid Valve 3/8sol EVR3 DANFOSS$75.00
    032F1206Solenoid Valve 1/4sol$75.00
    032F1209Solenoid Valve 1/2sol$117.85
    032F1214Solenoid Valve 5/8sol EVR10$204.10
    032F1217Solenoid Valve 1/2sol$204.10
    032F1225Solenoid Valve 7/8sol$374.55
    032F2201Solenoid Valve solder 1.1/8x1.1/8odf$610.70
    060B0168Control Oil Pressure MP54$642.60
  • Solenoid Valve Goyen
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10QW2F/3070Sol Diaph Valve RC 3/8 12/50QF$214.05
    12BW2ENBNT6043Sol Valve RC 1/2 240/50 din$498.66
    20BW2ENBNT6043Sol Diaph Valve RC 3/4 240/50din$618.16
    6QW2-ENBNT-7543Sol Diaph Valve 80c$208.54
    6QW2ENBNT7523Sol Diaph Valve RC 1/4 24/50$267.81
  • Solenoid Valve Parker Water
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    121KO1Solenoid Valve Water & Steam 1/4$154.70
    7321BAH00Solenoid Valve Water & Steam 1/2$207.00
    7321BCH00Solenoid Valve Water & Steam 3/4$257.10
    7321BDH00Solenoid Valve Water & Steam 1$269.70
    7321BIH00Solenoid Valve Water & Steam 3/8$192.40
  • Solenoid Valve Sporlan Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    180Solenoid Valve 1/4sae 3way pilot$618.70
    A3F1Solenoid Valve 1/4sae$107.35
    B10F2Solenoid Valve 1/2sae$299.15
    B14F2Solenoid Valve$153.50
    B6F1Solenoid Valve 1/4sae$206.70
  • Solenoid Valve Sporlan Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    E10S250Solenoid Valve 5/8sol$187.50
    E19S270Solenoid Valve 7/8sol less coil$360.10
    E25S290Solenoid Valve 1.1/8sol$530.85
    E35S1110Solenoid Valve 1.3/8odf,less coil$954.95
    E3S120Solenoid Valve 1/4sol$107.35
    E3S130Solenoid Valve 3/8sol$107.35
    E9S240Solenoid Valve 1/2odf$172.70
  • Strapping
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BSBlue Strap$5.17
    PSStrap Perforated 15m long x 23mm wide$16.55
  • Super Seal Cliplight
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    GO20122Super Change Reusable Hose$17.85
    GO940KITReplaced by GO946KIT - do not use$133.35
    GO944KITSuper Seal HVACR$168.80
    GO946KITSuper Seal AUTOMOTIVE$168.80
    GO947KITSuper Seal ACR$117.38
    GO948KITSuper Seal Comercial 3phase$168.80
    GO971KITTotal 1$119.60
    GO972KITTotal 2$170.55
    GO973KITDry R$92.85
    GO981Super Change R22 Retrofit$81.25

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