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  • Hanwest Controllers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HANL5Upgrade Kit$370.45
    HANL62Control Set with 10M Cable$393.80
    HANL62EHControl Set with 10M Cable Electric Heat$393.80
    HANL62WCWall Controller suit HANL62$246.68
    HDC202USE HDC203$147.55
    HDC203Defrost Control$184.38
    HDCSController Condensor Unit Sensor$39.66
    PCB132EL62 Main Board inc Inclosure$293.76
    RES10Remote Sensor w 10m Lead$51.20
    RSP100/10Remote Sensor Wall Mount w 10m Lead$74.20
    SC4E2020MTR 4+E Interconnect Cable$62.06
  • Hard Start Relay
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SPP5Hard Start Kit 1/3-2HP 88-106mfd 330v$60.66
    SPP6Hard Start Kit 1/2-3HP 88-106mfd 330v$0.00
    SPP8Hard Start Kit 1HP to10HP 189-227mfd 330$0.00
  • Hardware Coolroom Cowdroy-Wheels-Guides
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCC2424Top track heavy duty per M$75.00
    CCC309ACCC HD J Track Door Stop Left Hand$32.00
    CCC309BCCC HD J Track Door Stop Right Hand$32.00
    CCC310CCC Cowdroy Assembly$92.67
    CCC310ACCC Cowdrey Wheel & Axle$65.33
    CCC310BCCC Cowdroy Wheel Only$46.67
    CCC310DCCC Wheel Assembly 55mm Delrin Wheel$60.00
    CCC310ECCC Wheel Assembly 75mm Delrin Wheel$66.67
    CCC311CCC Door Guide Sill Type$78.00
    CCC312CCC Door Guide Sill Less$69.70
    CCC312ACCC Door Guide Tall Roller Front Sill Le$78.00
    CCC312BCCC Door Guide Sill Less$48.53
    CCC312CCCC Door Guide Sill Less$84.00
    CCC313BCCC Floor Stop Large Type 240$43.45
    CCC3412Top stop LH$45.00
    CCC3413Top stop RH$45.00
    CCC3416Top bracket RH$56.25
    CCC3417Top bracket LH$56.25
    CCC362Cam and Wheel$75.00
    CRH-SSHB70XCRH hanging bracket assembly$138.75
    CRH-SSRTS1CRH track stop ecoglide$23.60
    CRH-SSTP2.5CRH track ecoglide$214.17
    DTRACK325D track$243.07
    E2055570x40 Angle @2.2mtr$34.12
    EL853035mm Coving @ 2.2mtr$27.83
    MFC40-325CRH sliding door guide$97.19
  • Hardware Coolroom Handles
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCC314CCC Internal Pocket$20.00
    CCC315ACCC Door Handle S/S$73.47
  • Hardware Coolroom Hinges
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCC317CCC Door Hinge Self Rising R50$126.00
    CCC319BCCC Rotocam Hinge$98.00
    CCC40XCCC Door Hinge Adjustable$126.70
    CCCM83HINGECCC Door Hinge Chrome (P11)$21.70
    CCCPACKERSPackers suit M83 Hinge (4 pack)$10.00
    F1573-47Fermod Cam-Rise Hinge, 47mm$126.70
    HPSILVERP11 Hinge Packer Silver (4 Pack)$10.00
    P11ZLHMSPINSelf Closing Hinge Left Hand (2pk)$48.33
    P11ZRHMSPINSelf closing Hinge Right Hand (2pk)$48.33
  • Hardware Coolroom Rivets
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCC316CCC Rivets 3/16 (500)$81.35
    CCC532CCC Rivets 5/32 (500)$40.70
  • Hardware Coolroom Seals
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCC167CAPCCC Cap 167mm x 2.1mtr$65.95
    CCC328/5CCC Gasket Two Finger 5m$61.72
    CCC503GCCCC Channel Guide 50x3mm x 2.1mtr$52.45
    CCC92CAPCCC Cap 92mm x 2.1mtr$65.95
    CCCJTCCC J Track x 2.1mtr$108.35
    CCCSA3CCC PVC Black 2.2mtr$31.87
    CCCTMCCC Trap Mould x 2.0mtr$13.20
  • Hardware Coolroom Shelf Clip-Strip
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CCCSSSCCCC Shelving Clip S/S (10 pack)$13.33
    SCLKKason Shelf Clip S/S with Lug (10 Pack)$13.33
  • Hardware Coolroom Strikes-Latches
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    AH-1178Safety Latch Set Lock/Release/Strike$264.01
    CCC305CCC Swing Door Lock$338.14
    CCC306CCC Magnetic Door Lock B2$264.54
    CCC340CCC Hasp & Staple$73.47
    CCC356B*OBSOLETE CCC Latch/Strike/Rel Type 56LD$264.01
    CCC5710XCCC Door Latch$246.70
  • Hardware Coolroom Warning Bell
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    A375GWarning bell recess grey$22.97
    CCC320CCC Door Bell 90db$52.67
    CCC354CCC Bell Keyway x 300mm$10.40
  • Heater Tape
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    27200-5CAUTION Sticker heat trace (5 Pack)$26.42
    AKO-5239KTermination Kit$11.98
    AKO-71214T3Heat Cable, Self Reg 15wpm 3mtr$112.52
    AKO-71218T30Heat Cable, Self Reg 32wpm 30mtr$985.20
    AKO1212Heating Tape 240V$36.70
    AKO52344Cable Heating Constant Wattage 40W/Mtr$36.70
    AKO52383Termination Kit suit AKO52344 Cable$36.70
    CWM-4-1Chromalox Constant Watt Cable 16w/Ft$43.33
    ET-7End Cap Suit CWM Cable$10.00
    SRME202CCable Braided Self Limiting Heating Tape$37.55
    SRSTERMKITTermination Kit SRS$37.55
    SXTERM1BCJoining Kit$41.58
  • Heating Parts - Braemar
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW101538Belt Fan A57$60.51
    MFW161020Igniter Spark 622453$31.56
    MFW161024Injector Pilot NG 0-35$14.04
    MFW161030Knob Remote 611440$15.19
    MFW161034Motor WF Models WF2000$303.76
    MFW161044Fan 3 Speed D11/D12$191.25
    MFW161046Fan Motor D45$236.25
    MFW161048Fan Resistor PW20$33.41
    MFW161052Fan Resistor 500 OHM$47.25
    MFW161056Fan Resistor 330 OHM50W$33.75
    MFW161060Blade Fan D45 Wall Furnace$40.50
    MFW161064Switch Cut-Out D45 Fan$23.29
    MFW161066Switch Overheat D45/D45E$23.29
    MFW161068Thermcouple WF2000 30MS$51.98
    MFW161070Thermouple Overtemp Cut-Out$124.88
    MFW161072Thermister 6m Lead TE/TX$78.47
    MFW161528Ignition Unit Honeywell$348.76
    MFW161570Control Gas Minisit W/Knob NG$526.51
    MFW161660Switch Overheat 85$27.00
    MFW161908Kit SPI to BSC$1,228.52
    MFW161912Kit Panel Infit W/F$59.23
    MFW161914Adaptor Flue$59.23
    MFW161916Extension Flue$81.17
    MFW161918Circuit Board Replacement Kit$598.02
    MFW161920Circuit Board 3 Star$384.25
    MFW161922Rear Register WF2000$101.25
    MFW161974Fan Flue Assembly$364.51
    MFW161975Kit TB to BSC V2$1,080.02
    MFW162018Capacitor 2UF WF2000$43.20
    MFW162020Switch Fan 65 Klixon$44.55
    MFW162022Switch Fan 70 Klixon$62.10
    MFW162032Circuit Board TG Series 4/5 Star$529.04
    MFW162034Circuit Board Fennwal Kit$580.51
    MFW162046Switch Pressure 100PA 630397$97.88
    MFW162048Thermostat Kit Digital External Flue$164.03
    MFW162050Thermostat Kit Digital Internal Flue$164.03
    MFW162074Motor 315W$675.01
    MFW162076Motor 600w$756.02
    MFW162080Kit Zone + Acc 24V$254.35
    MFW162082Resistor 820 OHM Ceramic$40.50
    MFW162134Igniter Spark D12C$15.86
    MFW162220Kit SMZ Flue CTL/EXT 3/4 Star$423.23
    MFW162248Wall Furnace WF30N NG Ecostar$2,770.76
    MFW162249Wall Furnace WF40N NG Ecostar$2,575.18
    MFW162250Kit Console WF2000$295.66
    MFW162254Kit Spectrolink$571.44
    MFW162256Resistor 720 OHM PW50$77.84
    MFW162266Kit Spark & Sensor$101.25
    MFW162324Kit SMZ Flue CTL/EXT 5 Star$423.23
    MFW162334Sensor Replacement Kit$146.50
    MFW162344Switch Pressure 55PA$91.77
    MFW162368Resistor 500 OHM Fan Speed$77.84
    MFW162370Door WF2000$37.97
    MFW162372Capacitor 20UF$0.00
    MFW162434Fan Assembly Combustion$337.29
    MFW162468Flashing 150mm TH SM$111.38
    MFW162472Blade Fan WF2000$101.25
    MFW162474Circuit Board PCB Zone BSC$189.85
    MFW162488Flue Terminal Moulded$60.38
    MFW162490Flue Outlet Cover$37.97
    MFWC2058Igniter Spark D12$8.10
    MFWK4105R1003BControl Gas VK4105R1003B$526.51
    MFWZ0147Control Gas WF2000 NG$560.26
    MFWZ0151Control Gas Minisit NG$326.54
    MFWZ0398Control Flame Safeguard Micropressor$472.51
    MFWZ1206Indicator Pilot Status$36.68
  • Heating Parts - Brivis
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW0420WIgniter HSI Probe 11762$66.15
    MFW0960401Plug & Leads VK8105R1009 24V$45.00
    MFW161206Base Box 300mm 14/20$182.08
    MFW161486Capacitor 25UF$33.41
    MFW161512KElectronic Control Classic HHC621$652.51
    MFW161514Control Gas VK8105R1009 24V$843.77
    MFW161518Exchanger Heat Buffalo 5 Bank$471.38
    MFW161520Exchanger Heat Buffalo 7 Bank$492.76
    MFW161526Igniter HSI Probe 14082$199.13
    MFW161542Blade Wheel Fan 9x7$151.88
    MFW161544Blade Wheel Fan 10x10$148.50
    MFW161546Bracket Kit Motor 9004$74.25
    MFW161548Bracket Kit Motor 9100$74.25
    MFW161554Burner Zip Large 120MJ$101.25
    MFW161558Burner Zip Small. 85/92MJ$51.98
    MFW161588Motor 315W$564.76
    MFW161592Motor 650W$564.76
    MFW161600Module MPS Unit 506$263.26
    MFW161612Igniter With Lead$41.01
    MFW161614Igniter Flame Sensor 550mm$43.88
    MFW161642Motor 250W$911.27
    MFW161674Switch Overheat 90$33.08
    MFW161678Sensor Speed 750W Motor$112.04
    MFW161720Tube Pilot 520mm Large$39.99
    MFW161722Tube Pilot Small$47.25
    MFW161728Switch Overtemp 10745$38.64
    MFW161734Thermouple 550mm 21in Original$43.03
    MFW161750Thermostat Wall DT90A Manual$123.75
    MFW161754Thermister 19789$158.24
    MFW161758Tube Pilot Assembly 120$48.94
    MFW161760Tube Pilot 85/92 16041$48.94
    MFW161962Control Gas VR8204M2503$302.64
    MFW161964Loom BC-G1/Ignition Module VR8204M$47.25
    MFW162028Control NG 5:1 Kit$1,164.40
    MFW162030Injector MPS30 NG$48.94
    MFW162052Control Interface Electronic 509$311.38
    MFW162056Control Board Wombat Classic$382.70
    MFW162058Pilot & Lead$148.17
    MFW162102Pilot Burner 11971$64.97
    MFW162154Flashing 200mm B15/20 15/20/20XA$91.70
    MFW162155Flashing 200mm B26 26/26XA$91.70
    MFW162174PVC Elbow 90deg Condensate Tray$130.08
    MFW162190Tube Zip$62.64
    MFW162230Motor 250W 4 Pole 1SP 1PH$271.52
    MFW162232Motor 500W 4 Pole 1SP 1PH$323.50
    MFW162234Motor 315W 4 Pole 1PH$221.00
    MFW162236Motor 650W 4 Pole 240V$277.67
    MFW162262Loom Gas Valve HCCA621$32.67
    MFW162268Control Interface Electronic 519$348.82
    MFW162290Loom Gas Valve VK8105R$60.08
    MFW162330Control Module Electronic NG2$839.65
    MFW162384Sensor 75mm Afro$101.56
    MFW162392Control Gas VK8105R1017 LPG$850.01
    MFW162498Fan Combustion$214.42
    MFW390686-4Injector Pilot 0.46mm EF15T$5.27
    MFW62481103Circuit Board 19310 BCG-63$332.51
    MFWB014100Control Electronic Lo Mod$700.00
    MFWB014101Control Electronic Hi Mod$256.00
    MFWB015379Igniter Flame Sensor Assembly$237.30
    MFWB018965Networker Premium$343.36
    MFWB10744Switch Overheat 10744$40.50
    MFWQ309A1970Thermouple 600mm 24inch$8.44
    MFWQ309A2135BThermouple 21inch Clip In Type$18.00
    MFWQ314A9015BPilot Burner 0.46mm NG$53.95
    MFWQ3450C1169BPilot Burner NG 12918$198.59
    MFWR8301A4878Control Gas VR8301A4878 3 Pin$433.13
    MFWTEK321Control Electronic TEK321 8125$543.39
    MFWZ0302Transformer 240-24V$23.63
  • Heating Parts - Cannon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161170Igniter Fitzroy$16.71
    MFW161172Ignition Unit 240V DBC 579.402$384.76
    MFW161174Knob Control Fitzroy$16.94
    MFW161180Switch Fan Pyrox Executive$27.00
    MFW161184Thermouple W/ Overheat$101.25
  • Heating Parts - Carrier
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161076Blade Fan Wheel$188.67
    MFW161078Circuit Board Control$931.52
    MFW161080Kit Inducer Fan LA660002$18.56
    MFW161082Gasket Inducer Motor$18.46
    MFW161084Motor Inducer Fan HC21ZE117$276.96
  • Heating Parts - Chef
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161098Fan Drum Type W/Motor$270.01
    MFW161100Fan 5 Blade 840$202.50
    MFW161101Belt Fan A35$23.39
    MFW161102Belt Fan A34 37187$16.88
    MFW161104Belt Fan A33 37187$16.88
    MFW161318Fan Compact 60 CHU$826.66
    MFW390686-04Injector Pilot NG$0.00
    MFW390686-25Injector Pilot LPG$5.27
  • Heating Parts - Omega
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161092Circuit Board$728.07
    MFW161094Igniter & Lead C/Heaters$101.25
    MFW161494Control Gas Heat Honeywell$415.00
    MFW161532Ignition Unit Central SIT$585.47
  • Heating Parts - Pyrox
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161128Knob Blank Executive$20.14
    MFW161132Fan Universal Kit 400 500 600$264.38
    MFW161134Fan Universal Kit 180mm$211.50
    MFW161136Fan Universal Kit 400 500 600$156.38
    MFW161138Fan Elite$232.37
    MFW161144Igniter Spark Plug SQ$15.53
    MFW161146Screen 577x145mm Economiser$194.07
    MFW161150Thermouple Mercury Cut Out$131.63
    MFW161152Switch Micro Thermouple$21.94
    MFW161154Switch Fan High/Low For Space$17.55
    MFW161158Control Duplosit R500/2$227.72
    MFW161162Injector Pilot NG$21.60
    MFW161762Injector Pilot LPG$21.60
    MFW162382Control Board$490.90
    MFWB70216Coil Solenoid$42.00
  • Heating Parts - Rinnai
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW161188Pilot Burner RC90 Early Models$69.19
    MFW161190Fan Conversion 81SF$246.38
    MFW161192Fan 2 Speed Space Heaters$168.75
    MFW161194Glass Front 2001/Ultima 30$303.76
    MFW161196Glass Panel Space Heater 2000$0.00
    MFW161198Ignition Piezo 2000 Mk3$69.19
    MFW161200Injector Pilot 0.35mm RC90$8.44
    MFW161204Tube Pilot 2000 & RC90$32.06
    MFW161208Space Heater Radiant 2000$192.38
    MFW161210Space Heater Radiant 2001$226.13
    MFW161212Switch Fan 9011.6823$48.94
    MFW161214Switch Fan Hi/Off/Low 2000$20.59
    MFW161216Switch Fan 2 Position R2000T$26.66
    MFW161218Thermouple 20SF$121.50
    MFW161764Injector RC90 2000 LPG$11.81
    MFW161906Fan 2001$752.71
    MFW161910Coil Solenoid$219.38
    MFW162024Fan Combustion 30FT$554.46
    MFW162044Thermouple 2001S/H$191.91
    MFW162070Fan Spectrum$934.05
    MFW162084Thermouple 83003$207.57
    MFW162112Thermouple Flame$239.73
    MFW162428Ignition Spark Unit$154.31
    MFWZ0145RControl Gas 8-33$366.09
  • Heating Parts - Stadt
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW0411Circuit Board Ignition Model 2002$675.01
    MFW0430Timer Fan Board 1010$202.05
    MFW1015Switch Fan Limit Delay 24V$36.00
    MFW161412Switch Fan Thermal 240V Wall$54.00
    MFWCP1097Switch 90 O

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