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  • Electrical Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    10ETerminal Strip 12way 30amp$19.05
    1253012Start Relay suit NT2178GK compressor$80.01
    563A1Connector 30amp Single Screw (Blue Point$0.95
    AG20BKCable Glands Nylon 20mm IP68 Black$2.50
    AG25BKCable Glands Nylon 25mm IP68 Black$4.35
    C32A132 amp Single Screw Ins. Conn (100pk)$40.00
    C32A232 amp Twin Screw Ins. Conn (50pk)$32.50
    CON32ADH32 amp Twin Screw Ins. Conn (100pk)$66.50
    CON32ASH32 amp Single Screw Ins. Conn (150pk)$66.50
    FIQC264DGSpade Terminal Blue Female Ins (50 pk)$38.50
    FS1255DGEye Terminal Red Cutaway (50)$26.95
    FS25DGEye Terminal Blue Cutaway (50)$26.50
    FS556DGEye Terminal Yellow Cutaway (25)$21.00
    HN2Copper Lug Hand Crimper 1.5-10mm$164.30
    HP3SPre-Ins. Terminal Crimper Rd,Bl,Yl Prec$360.56
    ILS2Connector Blue (50)$26.50
    ILS55Connector Yellow (25)$45.10
    IPW201Isolator Weatherproof 20a 1P IP66 Grey$33.35
    IPW203Isolator Weatherproof 20a 3P IP66 Grey$40.00
    K40Cable Cutter General Perpose upto 70mm$88.28
    KPBK6Pre-Insul Termal Kit & KTC1$186.55
    KSBBLMetal Storage Box 21 Compartment$305.86
    KTC1Pre-Insulated Terminal Crimper Rd,Bl,Yl$136.15
    MFWCABLE-A1White Lightening 1mtr Apple Charger$13.35
    MFWCABLE-S1White Lightening 1mtr Samsung Charger$13.35
    MT264DGSpade Terminal Blue Male (100)$44.10
    MT5564DGSpade Terminal Yellow Female (50)$42.90
    PB12564DGSpade Terminal Red Male/Female (50)$42.00
    QC264DGSpade Terminal Blue Female (50)$21.35
    RE1TTerminal Fusite 30 pack$31.59
    RE2TTerminal Flag 30 pack$31.59
    RE3TTerminal Straight 30 pack$31.59
    RT1255DGEye Terminal Red 5mm (100)$54.25
    RT26DGEye Terminal Blue 6mm (50)$29.75
    RT556DGEye Terminal Yellow 6mm (25)$23.10
    RT558DGEye Terminal Yellow 8mm (25)$21.00
    TBORGLarge Plastic Storage Box 19 Compartment$53.78
    UKF4120Isolation Switch 20A Single Pole$27.78
    UKF4135Isolation Switch 35a Single Pole$33.11
    UKF4163Isolation Switch 63a Single Pole$49.67
    UKF4335Isolation Switch 35a Three Pole$62.08
    UKF4363Isolation Switch 63a Three Pole$70.24
    UTIH2072/100Terminal Crimp Link Blue SG Long (100)$98.00
    UTIH2073/50Terminal Crimp Link Yellow SG Long (50)$84.50
    UTIH2595A/100Terminal QC Blue 20.5 Long 6.3x0.8 (100)$79.40
    UTIH2845/100Male Terminal QC Blue 6.3x0.8 DG (100)$74.65
    UTIH2846/50Male Terminal QC Yellow 6.3x0.8 DG (50)$73.45
    UTIH2847A/100Piggyback Terminal QC Red 6.3x0.8 DG(50)$89.35
    UTIH3561/50Terminal QC Blue 6.3x0.8 Tab DG (50)$36.90
    UTIH4217/100Terminal Ring Red DG M5 Stud Long (100)$94.80
    UTIH4227/100Terminal Ring Blue DG M6 Stud (100)$107.85
    UTIH4234/50Terminal Ring Yellow DG M6 Stud (50)$73.45
    UTIH4237/50Terminal Ring Yellow DG M8 Stud (50)$73.45
    UTIH4415/100Terminal Fork Spade Red SG M5 (100)$71.70
    UTIH4525/100Terminal Fork Spade Blue DG M5 (100)$105.20
    UTIH4534/50Terminal Fork Spade Yellow DG M6 (50)$96.45
    XLPKITXLP H/Shrink Kit Assorted$31.23
  • Electrical Cable
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    ECBOC3CE2Elect Cable Orange 2.5mm 3cor+eth$4.35
    ECBTPS315AElect Cable TPS 1.5mm 2cor+eth$4.35
    ECBTPS325Elect Cable TPS 2.5mm 2cor+eth$4.35
    ECBTPS3TACElect Cable TPS Blue 1.5mm 3cor+eth$512.50
    ECBTPS3TAC/1Elect Cable TPS Blue 1.5mm 3cor+eth/pm$6.50
    ECBTPS3TAC2Elect Cable TPS Blue 2.5mm 3cor+eth$315.40
    ECBTPS3TAC2/1Elect Cable TPS Blue 2.5mm 3cor+eth/pm$8.25
    FT2E7104VElect Cable 6mm 2cor+eth (100m)$407.25
    FT3E7067NDONOTUSE Blue Cable 2.5mm 500m 3cor+eth$1,305.00
    VCB0C3E7050Elect Cable Orange 1.5mm 3cor+eth$4.00
    VCB0C4E7050Elect Cable Orange 1.5mm 4cor+eth$4.50
    VCB0C4E7067Elect Cable Orange 2.5mm 4cor+eth$6.70
    VCBF03150Elect Cable Grey 1.5mm 2cor+eth$4.50
  • Electrical Cable Ties
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CABLETIE100Cable Tie Black 100mm x 2.5mm (100)$6.60
    CABLETIE200Cable Tie Black 190mm x 4.8mm (100)$10.40
    CABLETIE300Cable Tie Black 280mm x 4.8mm (100)$24.15
    CABLETIE370Cable Tie Black 368mm x 4.8mm (100)$26.45
  • Embelton
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CORKRIBCORK RIB 100 X 100 X 25MM$20.00
    EMRCPad Black Cork Rubber$320.00
    HRP400/4Mount Rubber Set 4$42.50
    HRP450BMount Rubber 480m$24.00
    NR1-BLUEMount Rubber SD 17kg Blue$11.70
    NR1-GREENMount Rubber SD 55kg Green$11.70
    NR1-GREYMount Rubber SD 80kg Grey$11.70
    NR1-REDMount Rubber SD 40kg Red$11.70
    NR1-WHITEMount Rubber SD 25kg White$11.70
    NR2Mount Rubber SD 70-250kg$21.70
    NR3Mount Rubber SD 145-500kg$41.70
    NR4Mount Rubber SD Green$91.67
    NRD1Rubber Mount Double Deflection$13.33
    NRD2Rubber Mount Double Deflection$25.00
    NRD3Mount Rubber DD 145-500kg$48.35
    RH1CAGEHanger Cage$12.50
    RHE1-BLUEHanger Rubber Isol 17kg - Blue$10.05
    RHE1-GREENHanger Rubber Isol 55kg - Green$10.05
    RHE1-REDHanger Rubber Isol 40kg - Red$10.05
    RHE1-WHITEHanger Rubber Isol 25kg - White$10.05
    RHE2White Rubber Element$10.00
    SHS10Hanger Caged Spring 15kg$46.70
    SHS11Hanger Caged Spring 30kg$46.70
    SHS12Hanger Caged Spring 50kg$46.70
    SHS13Hanger Caged Spring 75kg$46.70
    SHS14Hanger Caged Spring 125kg$46.70
    SHS16Hanger Caged Spring 175kg$46.70
    SHS17Hanger Caged Spring 200kg$55.00
    SHS9Hanger Caged Spring 10kg$46.70
    SHSSPRINGSpring SHS$8.10
    SXBPad Shearflex Black - Waffle$41.70
    SXBXPad Shearflex Black Super 450x450x20mm$91.70
    SXGPad Shearflex Green Waffle$130.05
    SXRPad Shearflex Red Waffle$58.35
    XL89-96Spring Mount 10-250kg$41.00
    XL97Spring Mount 300kg$56.93
    XS10Spring Mount 15kg Brown$28.35
    XS11Spring Mount 30kg Blue$28.35
    XS12Spring Mount 50kg Black$28.35
    XS13Spring Mount 75kg Red$28.35
    XS14Spring Mount 125kg Green$28.35
    XS16Spring Mount 175kg Grey$28.35
    XS17Spring Mount 200kg Orange$36.83
    XS9Spring Mount 10kg Yellow$28.35
  • Evap Cooler Parts - Bonaire
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW101046REPLACED USE MFW163790 & MFW163808$595.00
    MFW101048Control Box Bonaire TEK600$607.51
    MFW101052Pump Accessory Kit$86.87
    MFW101064Solenoid Bonaire 24V Eva$96.70
    MFW101066Solenoid Valve suit Sump Dump$80.58
    MFW101068Valve Ball Bonaire 1/2 Evap$123.75
    MFW101070Dump Valve Kit - Superclean$348.76
    MFW101088Blade Fan Bonaire Evap Cooler$236.25
    MFW101106Control Wall Celair Evap$204.75
    MFW101108Bonaire Dial Control Valve$42.53
    MFW101112Collet Assy Bonaire Fan Evap$24.88
    MFW101114Strip Bird Bonaire Evap$22.87
    MFW101284Capacitor Bonaire 15MFD Evap$36.00
    MFW101288Capacitor 20MF$58.35
    MFW101290Clips & Washers Bonaire Evap (Set of 6)$31.50
    MFW101308Capacitor 20UF$63.82
    MFW101322Capacitor 10UF$54.00
    MFW101326Bracket Motor$53.60
    MFW101328Control Board Zone$165.41
    MFW101356Y Branch Water Distribution$4.79
    MFW101376Transformer 240V - 24V$259.07
    MFW101382Blade Fan$317.63
    MFW101394Capacitor 30UF$124.07
    MFW161304Control Wall Remote$496.25
    MFW161932Control Wall Manual$127.58
    MFW161934Control Wall HardWired-Replaced by162930$385.10
    MFW162930Summer Breeze Basic 5311635SP$200.00
    MFW163790Control Kit PNE$573.76
    MFW163808Navigator RF Control$326.26
    MFW750450DPB02BS1Motor 750W with Capacitor$315.01
    MFW7504SODPB02CEMotor 750W$315.01
    MFW9504SODPB02CEMotor 950W$382.51
  • Evap Cooler Parts - Braemar
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    CG101080DO NOT USE**$301.80
    MFW101078Valve Drain Shut-Off$877.52
    MFW101080Pump Braemar Tornado Evap$305.67
    MFW101082Valve Drain Braemar Assy Evap$506.26
    MFW101116Antenna Horizontal ES/EV$311.35
    MFW101118Capacitor 40UF EM-ES-EV$77.32
    MFW101119Start Cap 108-130 Braemar(CG101119)$178.75
    MFW101120Kit Upgrade Conversion Horizon/Harmony$1,278.31
    MFW101122Kit Upgrade Conversion Harmony$1,252.99
    MFW101124Motor Variable Speed EM - ES - EV 380w$1,202.37
    MFW101126Motor Variable Speed EM-ES-EV 560w$1,316.28
    MFW101130Motor Variable Speed EM-ES-EV 1100w 240v$1,556.75
    MFW101132Motor Variable Speed EM-ES-EV 1500w 240v$1,683.31
    MFW101134Motor 2 Speed 380w$1,202.37
    MFW101136Motor Braemar 2 Speed 560W Evap$1,278.41
    MFW101140Motor 2 Speed 1100w$1,518.78
    MFW101142Motor 2 Speed 1500w$1,594.72
    MFW101144Valve Float Braemar Vert Evap$81.00
    MFW101146Valve Float Horizontal$109.86
    MFW101148Valve Solenoid Braemar 24V Eva$138.17
    MFW101152Valve Drain Coolair$418.51
    MFW101154Washer Braemar Blk Pads Evap$10.13
    MFW101156Wheel Pulley 90mm Small Motor$116.44
    MFW101158Wheel Pulley 110mm Large Motor$121.50
    MFW101160Valve Drain 240V$822.67
    MFW101162Kit Upgrade DD2 550W$1,645.35
    MFW101164Kit Upgrade DD2 750W$1,645.35
    MFW101166Control Box Braemar Icon Evap$1,203.77
    MFW101246Belt Fan A56$58.22
    MFW101248Control Box Coolair$822.67
    MFW101250Remote Control Horizon 3$847.99
    MFW101252Motor Variable Speed PKD DD2 500w$1,139.09
    MFW101254Motor Variable Speed PKD DD2 550w$1,151.74
    MFW101256Motor Variable Speed PKD DD2 750w 240v$1,164.40
    MFW101258Weather Seal L/R LCB/CPL$81.00
    MFW101260Loom Wiring Low Volt 20m$126.57
    MFW101264Motor D/D 1500W$1,265.65
    MFW101270Motor 750W RPC320S$1,341.59
    MFW101300Belt Fan A55$49.38
    MFW101306Belt Fan A100$70.88
    MFW101350Motor 2 Speed 750w$734.08
    MFW101366Pin Braemar Blk Pads Lrg Evap$2.70
    MFW101368Washer Braemar Blk Pads Evap$3.58
    MFW101378Valve Drain 24V$582.20
    MFW101380Blade Fan LCB 550$326.17
    MFW101388Control Wall LV TEK 485$225.29
    MFW101390Loom Wiring Low Volt 20m$135.95
    MFW101392Motor 5/8 Shaft 750W$708.76
    MFW101398Control Wall Breezair$550.81
    MFW101400Bracket Wall Control$15.69
    MFW101564Belt Fan A96$69.86
    MFW161106Belt Fan A54$50.63
    MFW161112Belt Fan A57$40.50
  • Evap Cooler Parts - Brivis
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW101004Pump Fasco JRM19$94.50
    MFW101010Pump Fasco JRM 38 Evap Cooler$132.39
    MFW101014Collet Assy Brivis Fan Evap$50.63
    MFW101020Control Box N-E1$1,099.77
    MFW101026Snorkel Contour Brivis L0 Evap$175.50
    MFW101028Snorkel Contour Brivis L1 Evap$175.50
    MFW101036Sensor Water$150.46
    MFW101038Valve Solenoid Brivis 24V 1/2$123.75
    MFW101040Valve Solenoid Brivis 240VELBI$148.95
    MFW101042Valve Solenoid Brivis 240V 3/4$78.75
    MFW101044Valve Float Philmac 1527$192.18
    MFW101062Valve Dump Bonaire Integra Eva$185.69
    MFW101090Damper Motor Brivis Evap$562.51
    MFW101170Belt Fan A55$40.50
    MFW101176Capacitor 10UF$17.75
    MFW101180Manual Brivis Premium Heat$190.47
    MFW101182Valve Drive DVD 01$0.00
    MFW101186Valve Float 3003$208.68
    MFW101188Valve Float$11.21
    MFW101190Valve Solenoid 3/4 24V$129.37
    MFW101194Pump Inlet Contour$89.81
    MFW101276Leveling Kit$73.91
    MFW101280Knob Contoured Grey$53.60
    MFW101282Collet Assy Brivis Auswing Evp$74.25
    MFW101294Wheel Cam Contour$32.54
    MFW101330Blade Fan Brivis P63 Evap$180.00
    MFW101348Knob Roof 4 Pack$117.22
    MFW101396Mount Brivis Motor Evap$129.00
    MFW101450Sensor Water Assembly$182.62
    MFW101548Pump Askoll Brivis 8964$123.75
    MFW101549Pump Base Askoll$17.25
    MFW101872Network Module 506$273.48
    MFW101874Network Module 516 Low Volt$273.48
    MFW101876Thermostat Digital CTB$199.57
    MFW101878Thermostat Electronic TH4110$436.09
    MFW101882Capacitor 25UF P2$47.42
    MFW101888*** REPLACED BY MFW162268$293.19
    MFW101890Control Box Brivis TEK467 Evap$556.14
    MFW101892Sensor Fan SD 1185mm$109.89
    MFW101894Sensor Fan SD 820mm$113.33
    MFW101906Snorkel Dump BA-F$162.61
    MFW101908Valve Solenoid ELBI 5.5LPM$119.14
    MFW101910Mount Vibration 6mm - OBSOLETE$12.12
    MFW101912Washer Pump Inlet Duro 60$12.32
    MFW3154SODPB02BS1Motor 315W With Capacitor$520.84
    MFWVRCT857504SODPB02BS1Motor 750w Bonaire$373.34
  • Evap Cooler Parts - Coolbreeze
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    MFW101200Valve Drain Electric Pre 2000$365.86
    MFW101202Valve Drain Counterweight Kit$134.50
    MFW101204Valve Float Fluidmaster 747$138.72
    MFW101206Sensor Water Level Magnetic$89.34
    MFW101208Sensor Water Assembly$51.33
    MFW101210Float Assembly Magnetic$29.09
    MFW101212Circuit Board 240V Modular$701.27
    MFW101214Valve Solenoid 24V Retrofit Kit$289.65
    MFW101332Valve Solenoid 24V RPE 1994-2000$123.83
    MFW101340Capacitor 30UF With Cover$47.72
    MFW101800Valve Solenoid 24V Eclipse/Ezycool$168.72
    MFW101802Valve Solenoid 24V Barbed$123.83
    MFW101816Valve Drain Hydraulic$298.09
    MFW101820Motor 600W$791.35
    MFW101826Ring Mounting Non-Shrouded$105.00
    MFW101828Ring Mounting Shrouded$105.00
    MFW101832Fan Variable Pitch 524mm 10 Blade$228.63
    MFW101834Fan Variable Pitch 524mm 10 Blade$228.63
    MFW101836Fan Fixed Pitch 524mm 9 Blade$143.44
    MFW101838Collet Assembly Fan 10 Blade$28.01
    MFW101840Collet Assembly Fan 9 Blade$38.71

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