Index - D
  • Defrost Control Paragon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    8045-21Timer Defrost$267.70
    8145-21Timer Defrost$286.60
    8245-21Timer Defrost$595.30
  • Defrost Controller & Probes MJB
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    EDF02AController Electronic Defrost 240v$196.00
    EDF02A24Controller Electronic Defrost 24v$196.00
    EDF02ASEProbe Sensor MJB Controller$37.55
  • Drier Burn Out Heldon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3026-06Drier 3/8m BO$86.45
    3026-08Drier 1/2m BO$89.45
    3026-10Drier 5/8m BO$72.00
  • Drier Core & Shell
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3010-1801Drier 1.1/8 Shell Demountable$310.60
    3010-2202Drier Demountable Shell 1.3/8 2core$376.00
    3010-5601Demountable Drier shell 1 core 3 1/2 ID$1,606.91
    30171801Demountable Drier - 1 Core 1.1/8 in/out$179.70
    RC4864Drier Core$62.50
    RC4864HHDrier Core$93.70
    S-848-CDrier Standard Core$50.54
    S-848-CCDrier Burn Out Core$34.21
    S-848-CMDrier High Capacity Core$64.22
    S-848-FDrier Suction Line Core$76.55
    SRC-4811Drier 1 Core 1 3/8$271.71
    SRC-4813Drier 1 Core 1 5/8$271.71
    SRC-487Drier 1 Core 7/8$271.71
    SRC-489Drier 1 Core 1 1/8$271.71
    SRC-9611Drier 2 Core 1 3/8$320.39
    SRC-9617Drier 2 Core 2 1/8$337.71
  • Drier Domestic
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    D80010Drier 10gm less tail$11.42
    D80015Drier 15gm w tail$13.75
    D80025Drier 25gm w tail$15.75
  • Drier Liquid Line Sporlan Flare
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    BF083Drier 3/8fl Biflow$68.95
    BF164Drier 1/2fl Biflow$74.85
    C032Drier 1/4sae liquid line$26.75
    C052Drier 1/4sae liquid line$35.20
    C053Drier 3/8sae liquid line$35.20
    C082Drier 1/4sae liquid line$42.00
    C083Drier 3/8sae liquid line$42.00
    C084Drier 1/2sae liquid line$43.45
    C162Drier 1/4sae liquid line$53.35
    C163Drier 3/8sae liquid line$53.35
    C164Drier 1/2sae liquid line$58.60
    C165Drier 5/8sae liquid line$61.00
    C303Drier 3/8sae liquid line$101.50
    C304Drier 1/2sae liquid line$101.50
    C305Drier 5/8sae liquid line$102.25
    C306Drier 3/4sae liquid line$127.35
    C414Drier 1/2sae liquid line$145.25
    C415Drier 5/8sae liquid line$150.70
    C416Drier 3/4sae liquid line$160.75
    HP164SDrier 1/2sol Biflow HENRY$99.00
    SLD8-4VHHDrier 1/2 inch Suction Line$101.50
  • Drier Liquid Line Sporlan Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    C032SDrier 1/4sol liquid line$26.75
    C052SDrier 1/4sol liquid line$35.20
    C053SDrier 3/8sol liquid line$35.20
    C082SDrier 1/4sol liquid line$42.00
    C083SDrier 3/8sol liquid line$42.00
    C084SDrier 1/2sol liquid line$43.45
    C162SDrier 1/4sol liquid line$42.00
    C163SDrier 3/8sol liquid line$53.35
    C164SDrier 1/2sol liquid line$58.20
    C165SDrier 5/8sol liquid line$61.00
    C303SDrier 3/8sol liquid line$101.50
    C304SDrier 1/2sol liquid line$101.50
    C305SDrier 5/8sol liquid line$109.50
    C306SDrier 3/4sol liquid line$127.35
    C417SDrier 7/8sol liquid line$156.95
  • Drier Reversible Heat Pump Sporlan
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HPC103Drier 3/8$78.10
    HPC103SDrier 3/8sol$75.10
    HPC104Drier 1/2$77.10
    HPC163HHDrier 3/8 fl HP$122.50
    HPC163SHHDrier 3/8 HP$122.50
    HPC164HHDrier 1/2 fl HP$122.50
    HPC164SHHDrier 1/2 HP$122.50
    HPC165HHDrier 5/8$126.00
    HPC165SHHDrier 5/8 HP$126.00
    HPC307SHHDrier 7/8 odf Reversible Heat Pump$237.25
  • Drier Reversible Heldon
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3040163Reversible Heatpump Drier 3/8 MSAE$56.65
    3040164Reversible Heatpump Drier 1/2 MSAE$61.43
    3040165Reversible Heatpump Drier 5/8 MSAE$79.08
  • Drier Suction Line Burnout Sporlan Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    C084STHHDrier 1/2ods Suction$69.20
    C144STTHHDrier 1/2 Compact$123.95
    C164STHHDrier 1/2odf Suction$99.85
    C165STHHDrier 5/8odf Suction$101.85
    C166STHHDrier 3/4odf Suction$105.35
    C305STHHDrier 5/8odf Suction$164.45
    C307STHHDrier 7/8odf Suction$160.75
    C419STHHDrier 1.1/8odf Suction$293.19
    C4311STHHDrier 1.3/8 Suction B/O$364.10
  • Drier Suction Line Sporlan Solder
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SF4811TDrier 1.3/8odf Filter Suction B/O$170.05
  • Drop In Units Low Temp Slide
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    E1300LTSISlide In Unit Low Temp 3/4HP 1250W R404a$7,757.82
  • Drop In Units Med Temp
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    E12124DIDrop In Unit 1 1/2HP 3240W R404a$7,655.15
    E1300LTDIDrop In Unit Low Temp 3/4HP 1250W R404a$7,291.15
    E20124DIDrop In Unit 2 1/4HP 4200W R404a$11,388.56
    E664DIDrop In Unit 1/2HP 1300W R404a$4,782.76
    E684DIDrop In Unit 7/8HP 1940W R404a$5,513.11
    E884DIDrop In Unit 1 1/4HP 2280W R404a$6,005.45
  • Drop In Units Med Temp Low Pro
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    E644LPDrop In Unit Low Pro 3/8HP 975W R404a$4,201.75
    E664LPDrop In Unit Low Pro 1/2HP 1200W R404a$4,936.77
    E684LPDrop In Unit Low Pro 7/8HP 1930W R404a$5,683.45
    E884LPDrop In Unit Low Pro 1 1/4HP 2250W R404a$6,185.12
  • Drop In Units Med Temp Slide
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    E12124SISlide In Unit 1 1/2HP 3240W R404a$8,082.16
    E664SISlide In Unit 1/2HP 1300W R404a$5,405.77
    E684SISlide In Unit 7/8HP 1940W R404a$6,026.45
    E884SISlide In Unit 1 1/4HP 2280W R404a$6,504.80
  • Ducting - Accessories
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    4ZTOUCHPAD4 Zone Touchpad with dip switch$76.65
    4ZTRANSFORMERTransformer for 4 Zone Touchpad$61.83
    90111800 x 600 x 18 Particle Board$32.76
    BLKCABLE-10M10mtr Cable Black$16.75
    TRUNK-CREAMPipe Trunking 2400mm - Cream$82.13
    TRUNK-GREENPipe Trunking 2400mm - Green$82.13
    TRUNK-GREYPipe Trunking 2400mm - Grey$82.13
    TRUNK-REDPipe Trunking 2400mm - Red$82.13
  • Ducting - Branch Take Off
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    30666BTO Insulated 150-150-150$24.88
    30866BTO Insulated 200-150-150$25.85
    30886BTO Insulated 200-200-150$40.22
    30888BTO Insulated 200-200-200$39.51
    3101010BTO Insulated 250-250-250$50.89
    310106BTO Insulated 250-250-150$42.03
    310108BTO Insulated 250-250-200$42.03
    31066BTO Insulated 250-150-150$40.22
    31086BTO Insulated 250-200-150$39.51
    31088BTO Insulated 250-200-200$40.22
    3121010BTO Insulated 300-250-250$56.47
    312106BTO Insulated 300-250-150$34.81
    312108BTO Insulated 300-250-200$45.05
    3121210BTO Insulated 300-300-250$51.34
    312126BTO Insulated 300-300-150$53.81
    312128BTO Insulated 300-300-200$51.22
    31288BTO Insulated 300-200-200$45.05
    3141010BTO Insulated 350-250-250$58.95
    3141210BTO Insulated 350-300-250$58.95
    3141212BTO Insulated 350-300-300$63.95
    314128BTO Insulated 350-300-200$58.95
    3141410BTO Insulated 350-350-250$60.40
    3141412BTO Insulated 350-350-300$60.40
    314146BTO Insulated 350-350-160$40.67
    314148BTO Insulated 350-350-200$60.40
    3161212BTO Insulated 400-300-300$62.09
    3161410BTO Insulated 400-350-225$63.93
    3161410//+BTO Insulated 400-400/350-250$63.93
    3161412//+BTO Insulated 400-400/350-300$58.37
    316148BTO Insulated 400-350-200$65.03
    3161612BTO Insulated 400-400/350-300$51.41
    3181610//+BTO Insulated 450-400/350-250$80.71
    3181614//+BTO Insulated 450-400/350-350$80.71
  • Ducting - Branch Take Off Double
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3101086DBTO Insulated 250-250-200-150$45.66
    3101088DBTO Insulated 250-250-200-200$45.54
    310666DBTO Insulated 250-150-150-150$44.21
    310866DBTO Insulated 250-200-150-150$43.54
    312101010DBTO Insulated 300-250-250-250$60.03
    3121066DBTO Insulated 300-250-150-150$37.36
    3121088DBTO Insulated 300-250-200-200$52.79
    312121010DBTO Insulated 300-300-250-250$60.03
    3121266DBTO Insulated 300-300-150-150$38.02
    312888DBTO Insulated 300-200-200-200$47.47
    314101010DBTO Insulated 350-250-250-250$57.62
    3141088DBTO Insulated 350-250-200-200$56.59
    314121010DBTO Insulated 350-300-250-250$65.11
    314121212DBTO Insulated 350-300-300-300$65.11
    3141266DBTO Insulated 350-300-150-150$0.00
    3141288DBTO Insulated 350-300-200-200$65.11
    314141212DBTO Insulated 350-350-300-300$73.08
    314888DBTO Insulated 350-200-200-200$47.47
    318161010//+DBTO 450/400-400/350/300-250/200-250/200$87.00
    318161414+DBTO Insulated 450/40/35/30-35/30$87.00
    318161414//+DBTO 450/400-400/350/300-350/300-350/300$87.00
  • Ducting - Branch Y Insulated
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    30866/+Y Branch Ins 200-150-150$16.94
    31088//+Y Branch Ins 250/200-200/150-200/150$26.78
    3121010//+Y Branch Ins 300/250-250/200-250/200$56.36
    3141212//+Y Branch Ins 350/300-300/250-300/250$56.32
    3161414Y Branch Ins 400/350-350/300-350/300$72.84
    3181616Y Branch Ins 450/400-400/350-400/350$83.52
    3201818//+Y Branch Ins 500/450-450/400-450/400$91.36
  • Ducting - Damper Manual
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    8406Damper Manual 150mm$65.67
    8408Damper Manual 200mm$75.28
    8410Damper Manual 250mm$88.09
    8412Damper Manual 300mm$97.70
    8414Damper Manual 350mm$101.18
    8416Damper Manual 400mm$116.92
  • Ducting - Damper Premium
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    8306Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 150mm$210.03
    8308Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 200mm$217.69
    8310Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 250mm$225.36
    8312Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 300mm$236.09
    8326Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 150mm$210.03
    8328Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 250mm$217.69
    8330Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 300mm$225.36
    8332Fastfit Motorised Dampers 240V - 350mm$236.09
  • Ducting - Damper Standard
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    QZD10240VMotorised Zone Damper 250 Dia 240V$109.24
    QZD1024VMotorised Zone Damper 250 Dia 24V$100.76
    QZD12240VMotorised Zone Damper 300 Dia 240V$130.28
    QZD1224VMotorised Zone Damper 300 Dia 24V$120.52
    QZD14240VMotorised Zone Damper 350 Dia 240V$140.79
    QZD1424VMotorised Zone Damper 350 Dia 24V$134.31
    QZD16240VMotorised Zone Damper 400 Dia 240V$146.07
    QZD1624VMotorised Zone Damper 400 Dia 24V$140.45
    QZD18240VMotorised Zone Damper 450 Dia 240V$167.33
    QZD1824VMotorised Zone Damper 450 Dia 24V$162.05
    QZD8240VMotorised Zone Damper 200 Dia 240V$93.43
    QZD824VMotorised Zone Damper 200 Dia 24V$86.50
  • Ducting - Diffusers Down Jet
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    126DownJet Ceiling Diffuser 150mm$14.52
    128DownJet Ceiling Diffuser 200mm$19.86
    130DownJet Ceiling Diffuser 250mm$38.80
  • Ducting - Diffusers Floor
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    201ColourVent Floor Register 300 x 100 Beig$11.94
    204ColourVent Floor Register 300 x 100 Fros$11.94
    206ColourVent Floor Register 300 x 100 Crea$11.94
    207ColourVent Floor Register 300 x 100 Slat$11.94
    209ColourVent Floor Register 300 x 100 Choc$11.94
    221ColourVent Floor Register 350 x150 Beige$38.59
    224ColourVent Floor Register 350 x150 Frost$38.59
    226ColourVent Floor Register 350 x150 Cream$38.59
    301Floor Boot - 300 x 100 x 150$9.61
    302Floor Boot - 300 x 100 x 200$19.09
    303Floor Boot - 350 x 150 x 200$36.55
    304Floor Boot - 350 x 150 x 250$55.72
  • Ducting - Diffusers MDO
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    601DirectAir MDO 230 x 230 - 4Way$23.86
    603DirectAir MDO Adaptor 230 x 230 x 150$8.08
    604DirectAir MDO Adaptor 230 x 230 x 200$8.08
    605DirectAir MDO Adap/Damper 230 x 230 x150$9.96
    606DirectAir MDO Adap/Damper 230 x 230 x200$9.96
    611DirectAir MDO 300 x 300 - 4Way$28.23
    612DirectAir MDO Adaptor 300 x 300 x 200$10.34
    613DirectAir MDO Adaptor 300 x 300 x 250$10.34
    614DirectAir MDO Adaptor 300 x 300 x 300$10.34
    615DirectAir MDO Adap/Damper 300 x 300 x200$12.53
    616DirectAir MDO Adap/Damper 300 x 300 x250$10.38
    617DirectAir MDO Adap/Damper 300 x 300 x300$12.53
    621DirectAir MDO 360 x 360$34.28
    622DirectAir MDO Adaptor 360 x360 x 300$10.68
    623DirectAir MDO Adaptor 360 x360 x 350$10.68
    624DirectAir MDO Adaptor 360 x 360 x 400$10.68
    631DirectAir MDO 390 x 390$43.93
    632DirectAir MDO Adaptor 390 x390 x 350$13.04
    633DirectAir MDO Adaptor 390 x390 x 400$13.04
    651DirectAir MDO 360 x 535$57.24
    652DirectAir MDO Adaptor 360 x 535 x 400$16.61
    653DirectAir MDO Adaptor 360 x 535 x 450$16.61
    DV3030Direct Vent MDO 300 x 300 - 4Way$28.23
    DVNA3025Direct Vent MDO Adaptor 300 x 300 x 250$10.34
    SENA3025Side Entry MDO Adaptor 300 x 300 x 250$10.34
  • Ducting - Diffusers Multi Directional Registers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    501DirectAir MDR 300x100mm White$46.76
    503DirectAir MDR Adaptor 300x100x150$29.76
    504DirectAir MDR Adaptor 300x100x200$30.61
    511DirectAir MDR 350 x 150mm White$49.84
    513DirectAir MDR Adaptor 350 x 150 x 200$36.84
    514DirectAir MDR Adaptor 350 x 150 x 250$37.41
  • Ducting - Diffusers Round
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    106Round Ceiling Diffuser Cone Type 150mm$21.66
    108Round Ceiling Diffuser Cone Type 200mm$26.80
    110Round Ceiling Diffuser Cone Type 250mm$29.82
    112Round Ceiling Diffuser Cone Type 300mm$46.73
  • Ducting - Diffusers Swirls
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    1331eleVent Adaptor 200mm$8.64
    1332eleVent Adaptor 200mm with Damper$10.77
    1341eleVent Adaptor 250mm$12.33
    1342eleVent Adaptor 250mm with Damper$14.38
    1351eleVent Adaptor 300mm$15.66
    1352eleVent Adaptor 300mm with Damper$17.64
    1731Swirl 200mm - White$8.22
    1741Swirl 250mm - White$11.49
    1751Swirl 300mm - White$14.89
  • Ducting - Drip Tray
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    DRIP-LARGEDrip Tray Universal 1800x1093x25mm PP$151.78
    DRIP-MEDIUMDrip Tray Universal 1570x850x20mm PP$108.92
    DRIP-SMALLDrip Tray Universal 1150x835x20mm PP$98.20
  • Ducting - Dropper Flashing
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    9461Tile Roof Flashing Galvanised 550x550$83.72
    9463Tile Roof Flashing Beige 550x550$106.67
    9464Tile Roof Flashing Slate 550x550$106.67
    9465Tile Roof Flashing Red 550x550$106.67
    9481Tin Roof Flashing Galvanised 550x550$85.07
    9483Tin Roof Flashing Beige 550x550$106.67
    9484Tin Roof Flashing Slate 550x550$108.02
    9485Tin Roof Flashing Red 550x550$108.02
    DFE550BDektite Evap Blk Flashing 550x550$204.04
    FFR5-280BDeks Fast Flash 5m(16in)x280mm(11in) Blk$308.33
    FFR5-280GDeks Fast Flash 5m(16in)x280mm(11in) Gry$308.24
    LRFHAMMERPerform and Fastflash Hammer$176.47
    SDA550BDektite Evap Blk 550x550 1040x1290mm Blk$208.58
    SDA550GBDektite Evap Blk 550x550 1040x1290mm Gry$208.58
    SDA550GRBDektite Evap Blk 550x550 1040x1290mm Gre$208.58
    SDA550REBDektite Evap Blk 550x550 1040x1290mm Red$208.58
  • Ducting - Dropper Unassembled
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    9421Dropper Galvanised 550x550x1200$127.58
    9423Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1200 Beige$1,900.39
    9424Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1200 Slate$190.39
    9425Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1200 Red$190.39
    9451Dropper Galvanised 550x550x1800$359.17
    9453Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1800 Beige$471.24
    9454Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1800 Slate$471.24
    9455Dropper Colourbond 550x550x1800 Red$471.24
  • Ducting - Duct Joiners
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3306Duct Joiners - 150mm$8.17
    3308Duct Joiners - 200mm$9.29
    3310Duct Joiners - 250mm$10.25
    3312Duct Joiners - 300mm$11.21
    3314Duct Joiners - 350mm$12.33
    3316Duct Joiners - 400mm$13.29
    3318Duct Joiners - 450mm$14.25
  • Ducting - Duct Nude 3 Zero
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    7004Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 100mm$22.34
    7005Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 125mm$24.02
    7006Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 150mm$25.15
    7008Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 200mm$29.95
    7010Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 250mm$40.04
    7012Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 300mm$45.32
    7014Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 350mm$54.70
    7016Duct Un-Insulated 3 Zero 6mtr x 400mm$69.83
  • Ducting - Duct Nude 4 Zero
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    7604Duct Un-Insulated 4 Zero 6mtr x 100mm$43.72
    7605Duct Un-Insulated 4 Zero 6mtr x 125mm$44.84
    7606Duct Un-Insulated 4 Zero 6mtr x 200mm$48.53
    7608Duct Un-Insulated 4 Zero 6mtr x 250mm$63.91
    7610Duct Un-Insulated 4 Zero 6mtr x 300mm$83.61
  • Ducting - Duct R1.0
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    7406Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 150mm$34.88
    7408Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 200mm$43.49
    7408ADuct Silver R1.0 Poly 6m x 200mm Acousti$43.49
    7410Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 250mm$52.61
    7410ADuct Silver R1.0 Poly 6m x 250mm Acousti$52.61
    7412Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 300mm$62.17
    7414Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 350mm$70.67
    7416Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 400mm$79.79
    7418Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 450mm$90.91
    7420Duct Silver R1.0 Polyester 6mtr x 500mm$105.30
  • Ducting - Duct R1.5
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    7506Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 150mm$53.90
    7508Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 200mm$64.27
    7510Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 250mm$76.57
    7512Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 300mm$90.25
    7514Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 350mm$99.29
    7516Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 400mm$113.58
    7518Duct Silver R1.5 Polyester 6mtr x 450mm$126.60
  • Ducting - Duct Reducers
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3508Duct Reducers 200-150$12.37
    3510Duct Reducers 250-200$14.27
    3512Duct Reducers 300-250$15.90
    3514Duct Reducers 350-300$21.06
    3516Duct Reducers 400-350$24.60
    3518Duct Reducers 450-400$27.99
  • Ducting - Duct Top Hats
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3712Top Hat - 300mm$83.28
    3714Top Hat - 350mm$86.81
  • Ducting - Plenums Return Air
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    RABDAIK04Daikin RAB 2 x 400 - FDYQN180$151.78
    RABDAIK05Daikin RAB 2 x 450 - FDYQN180$151.78
    RABDAIK06Daikin RAB 2 x 450 - FDYQN200,250$151.78
    RABDAIK07Daikin RAB 2 x 500 - FDYQN200,250$151.78
    RABGREE01Gree RAB 2 x 350 -GFH36, GFH42$107.31
    RABGREE01PPGree RAB 2 x 350 -GFH36, GFH42$119.70
    RABGREE02Gree RAB 2 x 400 -GFH36, GFH42$139.40
    RABGREE02PPGree RAB 2 x 400 -GFH36, GFH42$151.78
    RABGREE03Gree RAB 2 x 350 -GFH48, GFH60$107.31
    RABGREE03PPGree RAB 2 x 350 -GFH48, GFH60$119.70
    RABGREE04Gree RAB 2 x 400 -GFH48, GFH60$107.31
    RABGREE04PPGree RAB 2 x 400 -GFH48, GFH60$119.70
    RABMEA01Mit Elect RAB 2 x 350 -PEA-100,125,140$107.31
    RABMEA01PPMit Elect RAB 2 x 350 -PEA-100,125,140$136.03
    RABMEA02Mit Elect RAB 2 x 400 -PEA-100,125,140$107.31
    RABMEA02PPMit Elect RAB 2 x 400 -PEA-100,125,140$136.03
    RABMEA03Mit Elect RAB 2 x 400 -PEA-170,200,250$132.66
    RABMEA03PPMit Elect RAB 2 x 400 -PEA-170,200,250$136.03
    RABMHI01MHI RAB 2 x 350 -FDUA100,125,140,160$107.31
    RABMHI01PPMHI RAB 2 x 350 -FDUA100,125,140,160$119.70
    RABMHI02MHI RAB 2 x 400 -FDUA100,125,140,160$139.40
    RABMHI02PPMHI RAB 2 x 400 -FDUA100,125,140,160$151.78
    RABMHI03MHI RAB 2 x 400 -FDUA200$132.66
    RABMHI03PPMHI RAB 2 x 400 -FDUA200$145.56
    RABPANA01Pana RAB 2 x 350 - S-71,10$107.31
    RABPANA01PPPana RAB 2 x 350 - S-71,10$119.70
    RABPANA02Pana RAB 2 x 400 - S-71,10$139.40
    RABPANA02PPPana RAB 2 x 400 - S-71,10$151.78
    RABPANA03Pana RAB 2 x 350 - S-125,140,160$132.66
    RABPANA03PPPana RAB 2 x 350 - S-125,140,160$145.56
    RABPANA04Pana RAB 2 x 400 - S-125,140,160$139.40
    RABPANA04PPPana RAB 2 x 400 - S-125,140,160$151.78
    RABPANA08PANA RAB 2 x 400 - S-180,200 ,224$139.40
  • Ducting - Plenums Supply Air
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SVBDAIK01Daikin SVB 2 x 350 - FDYQN100$137.61
    SVBDAIK01PPDAIKIN SVB 1 x 350 - FDYQ100$193.79
    SVBDAIK02Daikin SVB 2 x 350 - FDYQN125,140,160$130.20
    SVBDAIK02PPDAIKIN SVB 2 x 350 - FDYQ125$162.19
    SVBDAIK03Daikin SVB 2 x 400 - FDYQN125,140,160$130.20
    SVBDAIK03PPDAIKIN SVB 2 x 400 - FDYQ125$162.19
    SVBDAIK04Daikin SVB 2 x 400 - FDYQN180,200$167.33
    SVBDAIK04PPDAIKIN SVB 2 x 350 - FDYQ140,160$167.47
    SVBDAIK05Daikin SVB 2 x 450 - FDYQN180,200$167.33
    SVBDAIK05PPDAIKIN SVB 2 x 400 - FDYQ140,160$167.47
    SVBDAIK06Daikin SVB 2 x 450 - FDYQN250$167.33
    SVBGREE01Gree SVB 2 x 350 -GFH36, GFH42$126.08
    SVBGREE01PPGree SVB 2 x 350 -GFH36, GFH42$131.95
    SVBGREE02Gree SVB 2 x 400 -GFH36, GFH42$126.08
    SVBGREE02PPGree SVB 2 x 400 -GFH36, GFH42$131.96
    SVBGREE03Gree SVB 2 x 350 -GFH48, GFH60$147.13
    SVBGREE03PPGree SVB 2 x 350 -GFH48, GFH60$137.38
    SVBGREE04Gree SVB 2 x 400 -GFH48, GFH60$147.12
    SVBGREE04PPGree SVB 2 x 400 -GFH48, GFH60$137.38
    SVBMEA01Mit Elect SVB 2 x 350 -PEA-100,125,140$147.12
    SVBMEA01PPMit Elect SVB 2 x 350 -PEA-100,125,140$137.38
    SVBMEA02Mit Elect SVB 2 x 400 -PEA-100,125,140$147.12
    SVBMEA02PPMit Elect SVB 2 x 400 -PEA-100,125,140$137.38
    SVBMEA03Mit Elect SVB 2 x 350 -PEA-170,200,250$189.09
    SVBMEA03PPMit Elect SVB 2 x 400 -PEA-170,200,250$152.36
    SVBMEA04Mit Elect SVB 2 x 400 -PEA-170,200,250$189.09
    SVBMHI01MHI SVB 2 x 350 -FDUA100,125,140,160$147.13
    SVBMHI01PPMHI SVB 2 x 350 -FDUA100,125,140,160$142.83
    SVBMHI02MHI SVB 2 x 400 -FDUA100,125,140,160$147.12
    SVBMHI02PPMHI SVB 2 x 400 -FDUA100,125,140,160$142.83
    SVBMHI03MHI SVB 2 x 400 -FDUA200$189.09
    SVBMHI03PPMHI SVB 2 x 400 -FDUA200$160.51
    SVBPANA01Pana SVB 2 x 350 - S-71,10$129.98
    SVBPANA01PPPana SVB 2 x 350 - S-71,10$147.13
    SVBPANA02Pana SVB 2 x 400 - S-71,10$129.98
    SVBPANA02PPPana SVB 2 x 400 - S-71,10$142.83
    SVBPANA03Pana SVB 2 x 350 - S-125,140,160$129.98
    SVBPANA03PPPana SVB 2 x 350 - S-125,140,160$160.51
    SVBPANA04Pana SVB 2 x 400 - S-125,140,160$129.98
    SVBPANA04PPPana SVB 2 x 400 - S-125,140,160$160.51
    SVBPANA05Pana SVB 2 x 400 - S-180,200,224$354.27
    SVBPANA06PANA SVB 2 x 400 - 965x320$0.00
  • Ducting - Return Air Boxes
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    RAB1070300/2X400Return Air Box 1070X300 -2x400D$0.00
    RAB1160560/2X350-10RReturn Air Box 1160x560 -2x350D$132.66
    RAB1160560/2X400-10RReturn Air Box 1160x560 -2x400D$132.66
    RAB1200400/2X350-5RReturn Air Box 1200x400 -2x350D$117.19
    RAB1200400/2X400-5RReturn Air Box 1200x400 -2x400D$117.19
    RAB1200400/2X450-5RReturn Air Box 1200x400 -2x450D$117.19
    RAB560560/1X350-5RReturn Air Box 560x560 - 350D$100.16
    RAB560560/1X400-5RReturn Air Box 560x560 - 400D$100.16
    RAB600400/1X350-5RReturn Air Box 600x400 - 350D$100.16
    RAB600400/1X400-5RReturn Air Box 600x400 - 400D$100.16
    RAB600500/600H-5RReturn Air Box 600 x 500 x 600h$204.88
    RAB600600/600H-5RReturn Air Box 600 x 600 x 600h$204.88
    RAB650550/600H-5RReturn Air Box 650 x 550 x 600h$204.88
    RAB750550/600H-5RReturn Air Box 750 x 550 x 600h$213.80
    RAB750600/600H-5RReturn Air Box 750 x 600 x 600h$213.80
    RAB900400/2X350-5RReturn Air Box 900x400 -2x350D$107.31
    RAB900400/2X400-5RReturn Air Box 900x400 -2x400D$107.31
    RAB900500/2X350-5RReturn Air Box 900x500 -2x350D$94.94
    RAB900500/2X400-5RReturn Air Box 900x500 -2x400D$94.94
    RAB900550/2X350-5RReturn Air Box 900x550 -2x350D$94.94
    RAB900550/2X400-5RReturn Air Box 900x550 -2x400D$94.94
  • Ducting - Return Air Grilles Premium
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    4701Egg Crate Exhaust Grille 150x150x150$53.97
    4702Egg Crate Exhaust Grille 200x200x200$63.17
    4814EggCrateHinged Filtered ReturnAir400x600$183.89
    4816EggCrateHinged Filtered ReturnAir400x750$227.78
    4817EggCrateHinged Filtered ReturnAir400x900$276.61
    4818EggCrateHinged FilteredReturnAir400x1000$283.55
    4819EggCrateHinged FilteredReturnAir400x1200$306.09
    4820Egg Crate Hinged Filtered Grill 1500x400$250.00
    4840Egg CrateHingedFilteredReturnAir FullBar$404.65
    4841Egg CrateHingedFilteredReturnAir1/2Tbar$231.92
  • Ducting - Return Air Grilles Standard
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    HERAG2420Return Air Grill 600 x 500 With Filter$134.73
    HERAG2622Return Air Grill 650 x 550 With Filter$179.03
    HERAG3022Return Air Grill 750 x 550 With Filter$151.77
    HERAG3024Return Air Grill 750 x 600 With Filter$189.00
    HERAG3616Return Air Grill 900 x 400 With Filter$141.35
    HERAG3620Return Air Grill 900 x 500 With Filter$141.35
    HERAG3622Return Air Grille 900 x 550 With Filter$141.36
  • Ducting - Starting Collar Flanged
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    SC12Duct Starting Collar Flanged - 300mm$20.92
    SC14Duct Starting Collar Flanged - 350mm$23.84
    SC16Duct Starting Collar Flanged - 400mm$25.16
    SC18Duct Starting Collar Flanged - 450mm$27.60
    SC20Duct Starting Collar Flanged - 500mm$31.40
  • Ducting - Starting Collars Castellated
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    3606Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 150mm$8.17
    3608Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 200mm$9.29
    3610Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 250mm$10.41
    3612Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 300mm$11.21
    3614Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 350mm$12.33
    3616Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 400mm$13.29
    3618Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 450mm$14.41
    3620Duct Starting Collar Castellated - 500mm$15.57
  • Dunnair Air Cooled Packaged Units
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    DAPH100102.2/98.5kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Un$58,840.10
    DAPH120117.6/116.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged U$67,180.10
    DAPH140137.8/132.0kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged U$72,727.88
    DAPH160156.2/152.5kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged U$83,580.05
    DAPH180176.8/169.4kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged U$95,592.45
    DAPH200201.8/196.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged U$106,042.87
    DAPH4039.1/38.4kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$20,235.71
    DAPH4544.6/44.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$21,647.66
    DAPH5048.6/47.8kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$24,921.65
    DAPH5655.1/55.6kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$25,341.40
    DAPH6665.5/60.7kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$27,663.87
    DAPH7372.8/66.6kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$30,332.73
    DAPH8080.4/81.5kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$36,035.54
    DAPH8586.6/87.1kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$37,837.57
    DAPH9088.5/85.0kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$43,365.34
    DAPH9595.8/96.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$45,532.44
    DAPHS109.3/9.4kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Unit$7,124.76
    DAPHS1211.5/11.7kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$8,011.60
    DAPHS1514.8/14.6kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$8,323.33
    DAPHS1817.1/17.5kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$9,433.55
    DAPHS2020.5/20.7kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$11,700.67
    DAPHS2523.8/24.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$14,264.52
    DAPHS3030.6/30.6kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$16,634.99
    DAPHS3534.8/34.2kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Uni$17,021.74
    DAPHS88.0/7.9kW Dunnair Aircool Packaged Unit$6,778.02
  • Dunnair Split Ducted Units
    Part NumberDescriptionList Price (Ex. GST)
    DASH100102.2/98.5kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$62,229.11
    DASH120117.6/116.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$74,574.91
    DASH140137.8/132.0kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$80,729.48
    DASH160156.2/152.5kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$87,409.15
    DASH180176.8/169.4kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$99,788.29
    DASH200201.8/196.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$116,124.89
    DASH4039.7/38.4kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$21,014.20
    DASH4544.6/44.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$23,194.64
    DASH5048.6/47.8kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$25,375.07
    DASH5655.1/55.6kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$27,807.23
    DASH6665.5/60.7kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$28,414.02
    DASH7372.8/66.6kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$30,914.52
    DASH8080.4/80.7kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$37,675.87
    DASH8586.6/87.1kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$39,559.58
    DASH9088.5/85.0kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$43,658.73
    DASH9595.8/96.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$45,840.83
    DASHS109.3/9.4kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$5,722.81
    DASHS1211.5/11.7kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$6,522.97
    DASHS1514.8/14.6kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$7,008.07
    DASHS1817.1/17.5kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$7,493.17
    DASHS2020.5/20.7kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$7,993.27
    DASHS2523.8/24.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$11,864.04
    DASHS3030.6/30.6kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$13,786.09
    DASHS3534.8/32.2kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$15,664.80
    DASHS66.6/6.5kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$5,079.35
    DASHS88.0/7.9kW Dunnair Split Ducted Unit$5,561.11

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